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Collaboration Guidelines

The MyDiv Experiment is run as an open experimental platform and invites all interested researchers from iDiv’s research consortium and outside of iDiv to collaborate. The MyDiv Experiment also supports young scientists providing a platform for internships as well as Bachelor’s and Master’s theses (see Jobs & Theses). Researchers interested in collaborations within the MyDiv Experiment can outline their project idea and inform about required resources by filling out a short Research Proposal form. 

The MyDiv Experiment clearly supports data sharing given that data providers and owners get fair credit for their work by citation and/or co-authorship. Data generated within the MyDiv Experiment are regularly uploaded and stored within the MyDiv database. Data are shared upon request when certain criteria are met. Those are specified in the MyDiv Experiment Data Sharing and Publication Policy which collaborators are asked to accept by signing prior to collaboration. 

Any participant who plans to publish a paper from data of the MyDiv Experiment also needs to send a Paper Proposal to the Coordination team of the MyDiv Experiment.


Collaboration in a nutshell:

  1. Download the research proposal form, data sharing/publication policy, and paper proposal form

  2. For fieldworkers: read the ‘How to conduct fieldwork’ carefully

  3. Submit the completed research proposal and signed policy to

  4. Register here at the MyDiv database

  5. Conduct your field work and/or download data of interest from database

  6. Upload all created data (raw and/or processed data) to database

  7. Submit paper proposal to

  8. Write and publish your paper

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