Dr. Shane Blowes


Research interests


My research interests range from the behaviour of individuals right up to macroecological patterns of biodiversity. In the Biodiversity Synthesis Lab, my focus is on improving our understanding of how the components of species richness (numbers of individuals, species relative abundances and their distribution in space) contribute to patterns of biodiversity along natural (e.g., latitudinal) and other gradients (e.g., those associated with spatial management initiatives such as protected areas). In addition, I am also examining how these components of biodiversity change through time and space as a member of the sChange (sDiv) working group.



Jurburg, Stephanie D., Blowes, Shane A., Shade, Ashley, Eisenhauer, Nico, Chase, Jonathan M.

(2024): Synthesis of recovery patterns in microbial communities across environments. Microbiome

Hollitzer, Helene A. L., May, Felix, Blowes, Shane A.

(2023): A meta-analysis examining how fish biodiversity varies with marine protected area size and age. Ecosphere

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(2022): Linking changes in species composition and biomass in a globally distributed grassland experiment. Ecology Letters

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(2022): Local biodiversity change reflects interactions among changing abundance, evenness, and richness. Ecology

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(2022): Quantifying effort needed to estimate species diversity from citizen science data. Ecosphere

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(2021): Long-term changes in temperate marine fish assemblages are driven by a small subset of species. Global Change Biology

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(2021): Using coverage-based rarefaction to infer non-random species distributions. Ecosphere

L. Gooriah, S. A. Blowes, A. Sagouis, J. Schrader, D. N. Karger, H. Kreft, J. M. Chase

(2021): Synthesis reveals that island species–area relationships emerge from processes beyond passive sampling. Global Ecology and Biogeography

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(2017): Global reef fish richness gradients emerge from divergent and scale-dependent component changes. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

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(2017): Aggression, interference, and the functional response of coral-feeding butterflyfishes. Oecologia

Buba, Y., van Rijn, I., Blowes, S. A., Sonin, O., Edelist, D., DeLong, J. P., Belmaker, J.

(2017): Remarkable size-spectra stability in a marine system undergoing massive invasion. Biology Letters
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