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Kattenborn, T., Richter, R., Guimarães-Steinicke, C., Feilhauer, H., Wirth, C.

(2022): AngleCam: Predicting the temporal variation of leaf angle distributions from image series with deep learning. Methods in Ecology and Evolution

Richter, R., Ballasus, H., Engelmann, R. A., Zielhofer, C., Sanaei, A., Wirth, C.

(2022): Tree species matter for forest microclimate regulation during the drought year 2018: disentangling environmental drivers and biotic drivers. Scientific Reports

Volf, M., Volfová, T., Seifert, C. L., Ludwig, A., Engelmann, R. A., Jorge, L. R., Richter, R., Schedl, A., Weinhold, A., Wirth, C. and van Dam, N. M.

(2021): A mosaic of induced and non-induced branches promotes variation in leaf traits, predation and insect herbivore assemblages in canopy trees. Ecology Letters

Herrmann, M., Geesink, P., Richter, R., Küsel, K.

(2021): Canopy Position Has a Stronger Effect than Tree Species Identity on Phyllosphere Bacterial Diversity in a Floodplain Hardwood Forest. Microbial Ecology

Joswig, J. S., Wirth, C., Schuman, M. C., Kattge, J., Reu, B., Wright, I. J., Sippel, S. D., Rüger, N., Richter, R., Schaepman, M. E., van Bodegom, P. M., Cornelissen, J. H. C., Díaz, S., Hattingh, W. N., Kramer, K., Lens, F., Niinemets, Ü., Reich, P. B., Reichstein, M., Römermann, C., Schrodt, F., Anand, M., Bahn, M., Byun, C., Campetella, G., Cerabolini, B. E. L., Craine, J. M., Gonzalez-Melo, A., Gutiérrez, A. G., He, T., Higuchi, P., Jactel, H., Kraft, N. J. B., Minden, V., Onipchenko, V., Peñuelas, J., Pillar, V. D., Sosinski, Ê., Soudzilovskaia, N. A., Weiher, E. and Mahecha, M. D.

(2021): Climatic and soil factors explain the two-dimensional spectrum of global plant trait variation. Nature Ecology & Evolution

Schnabel, F., Purrucker, S., Schmitt, L., Engelmann, R. A., Kahl, A., Richter, R., Seele-Dilbat, C., Skiadaresis, G., Wirth, C.



(2021): Cumulative growth and stress responses to the 2018–2019 drought in a European floodplain forest. Global Change Biology

Bowler, D., Richter, R. L., Eskildsen, D., Kamp, J., Moshøj, C. M., Reif, J., Strebel, N., Trautmann, S., Voříšek, P.

(2021): Geographic variation in the population trends of common breeding birds across central Europe. Basic and Applied Ecology

Richter, A., Comay, O., Svenningsen, C. S., Larsen, J. C., Hecker, S., Tøttrup, A. P., Pe'er, G., Dunn, R. R., Bonn, A. and Marselle, M.

(2021): Motivation and support services in citizen science insect monitoring: A cross-country study. Biological Conservation

Welti, E. A. R., Zajicek, P., Frenzel, M., Ayasse, M., Bornholdt, T., Buse, J., Classen, A., Dziock, F., Engelmann, R. A., Englmeier, J., Fellendorf, M., Förschler, M. I., Fricke, U., Ganuza, C., Hippke, M., Hoenselaar, G., Kaus-Thiel, A., Kerner, J., Kilian, D., Mandery, K., Marten, A., Monaghan, M. T., Morkel, C., Müller, J., Puffpaff, S., Redlich, S., Richter, R., Rojas-Botero, S., Scharnweber, T., Scheiffarth, G., Yáñez, P. S., Schumann, R., Seibold, S., Steffan-Dewenter, I., Stoll, S., Tobisch, C., Twietmeyer, S., Uhler, J., Vogt, J., Weis, D., Weisser, W. W., Wilmking, M., Haase, P.

(2021): Temperature drives variation in flying insect biomass across a German malaise trap network. Insect Conservation and Diversity

Kretz, L., Bondar-Kunze, E., Hein, T., Richter, R., Schulz-Zunkel, C., Seele-Dilbat, C., van der Plas, F., Vieweg, M., Wirth, C.

(2021): Vegetation characteristics control local sediment and nutrient retention on but not underneath vegetation in floodplain meadows. PLOS ONE

C. Wirth, R. A. Engelmann, N. Haack, H. Hartmann, R. Richter, F. Schnabel, M. Scholz, C. Seele-Dilbat

(2021): Naturschutz und Klimawandel im Leipziger Auwald: Ein Biodiversitätshotspot an der Belastungsgrenze. Biologie in unserer Zeit

Richter, R., C. Hutengs, C. Wirth, L. Bannehr, M. Vohland

(2021): Detecting Tree Species Effects on Forest Canopy Temperatures with Thermal Remote Sensing: The Role of Spatial Resolution. Remote Sensing

Ma, X. L., Migliavacca, M., Wirth, C., Bohn, F. J., Huth, A., Richter, R., Mahecha, M. D.

(2020): Monitoring Plant Functional Diversity Using the Reflectance and Echo from Space. Remote Sensing

Volf, M., A. Weinhold, C. L. Seifert, T. Holicová, H. Uthe, E. Alander, R. Richter, J.-P. Salminen, C. Wirth, N. M. van Dam

(2020): Branch-Localized Induction Promotes Efficacy of Volatile Defences and Herbivore Predation in Trees. Journal of Chemical Ecology

De Torres, F. N., Richter, R., Vohland, M.

(2019): A multisensoral approach for high-resolution land cover and pasture degradation mapping in the humid tropics: A case study of the fragmented landscape of Rio de Janeiro. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation

Elle, O., Richter, R., Vohland, M., Weigelt, A.

(2019): Fine root lignin content is well predictable with near-infrared spectroscopy. Scientific Reports

Ma, X., Mahecha, M. D., Migliavacca, M., van der Plas, F., Benavides, R., Ratcliffe, S., Kattge, J., Richter, R., Musavi, T., ..., Huth, A., ..., Reichstein, M., Wirth, C.

(2019): Inferring plant functional diversity from space: the potential of Sentinel-2. Remote Sensing of Environment

Naegeli de Torres, F., Richter, R., Cardoso Fidalgo, E. C.

(2019): Multicriteria Site Prioritization for Land Rehabilitation in the Guapi-Macacu Watershed, Rio de Janeiro. In: U. Nehren, S. Schlϋter, C. Raedig, D. Sattler, H. Hissa (Eds.) Strategies and Tools for a Sustainable Rural Rio de Janeiro Springer, Cham

Naegeli de Torres, F., Richter, R., Vohland, M.

(2019): A multisensoral approach for high-resolution land cover and pasture degradation mapping in the humid tropics: A case study of the fragmented landscape of Rio de Janeiro. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation

Richter, R., Heim, A., Heim, W., Kamp, J., Vohland, M.

(2019): Combining Multiband Remote Sensing and Hierarchical Distance Sampling to Establish Drivers of Bird Abundance. Remote Sensing
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