Dr. HongMi Koo


Research Focus


  • Land-use scenario development based on participatory approaches
  • Assessment and mapping of ecosystem services and biodiversity
  • Identification of the relationship between human health and urban green/blue spaces



  • Oct.2022-: Healthy Urban Spaces for human Well-being and Ecological integrity (HUMANECO), iDiv Flexpool program
  • Dec. 2019-Apr. 2022: Research, innovation and graduation for socio-ecological systems in motion (R4SES), BMBF funding program
  • Dec. 2019-Dec. 2021: National Ecosystem Services Assessment and Mapping as indication for the costs of losses of biodiversity – a fast track study in Ecuador (Ecu-Maes), DAAD funding program
  • May. 2013-Mar. 2017: West African Science Service Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use (WASCAL), BMBF funding program



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Asante-Yeboah, Evelyn, Koo, HongMi, Ros-Tonen, Mirjam A. F., Sieber, Stefan, Fürst, Christine

(2024): Participatory and Spatially Explicit Assessment to Envision the Future of Land-Use/Land-Cover Change Scenarios on Selected Ecosystem Services in Southwestern Ghana. Environmental Management
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