Dr. Stefan Trogisch

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Beugnon, R., Bu, W., Bruelheide, H., Davrinche, A., Du, J., Haider, S., Kunz, M., von Oheimb, G., Perles-Garcia, M. D., Saadani, M., Scholten, T., Seitz, S., Singavarapu, B., Trogisch, S., Wang, Y., Wubet, T., Xue, K., Yang, B., Cesarz, S., Eisenhauer, N.

(2023): Abiotic and biotic drivers of tree trait effects on soil microbial biomass and soil carbon concentration. Ecological Monographs

Desie, E., Zuo, J., Verheyen, K., Djukic, I., Van Meerbeek, K., Auge, H., Barsoum, N., Baum, C., Bruelheide, H., Eisenhauer, N., Feldhaar, H., Ferlian, O., Gravel, D., Jactel, H., Schmidt, I. K., Kepfer-Rojas, S., Meredieu, C., Mereu, S., Messier, C., Morillas, L., Nock, C., Paquette, A., Ponette, Q., Reich, P. B., Roales, J., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Seitz, S., Schmidt, A., Stefanski, A., Trogisch, S., Halder, I. v., Weih, M., Williams, L. J., Yang, B., Muys, B.

(2023): Disentangling drivers of litter decomposition in a multi-continent network of tree diversity experiments. Science of The Total Environment

Ratier Backes, A., Römermann, C., Alexander, J. M., Arévalo, J. R., Keil, P., Padrón-Mederos, M. A., Trogisch, S., Haider, S.

(2023): Mechanisms behind elevational plant species richness patterns revealed by a trait-based approach. Journal of Vegetation Science

Usoltsev, V. A., Shakoor, A., Zaib, G., Trogisch, S., Ma, X. Z., Tsepordey, I. S.


Yan, G., Bongers, F. J., Trogisch, S., Li, Y., Chen, G., Yan, H., Deng, X., Ma, K., Liu, X.

(2022): Climate and mycorrhizae mediate the relationship of tree species diversity and carbon stocks in subtropical forests. Journal of Ecology

Liu, X., Huang, Y., Chen, L., Li, S., Bongers, F. J., Castro-Izaguirre, N., Liang, Y., Yang, B., Chen, Y., Schnabel, F., Tang, T., Xue, Y., Trogisch, S., Staab, M., Bruelheide, H., Schmid, B., Ma, K.

(2022): Species richness, functional traits and climate interactively affect tree survival in a large forest biodiversity experiment. Journal of Ecology

A. Perino, H. M. Pereira, M. Felipe-Lucia, H. Kim, H. S. Kühl, M. R. Marselle, J. N. Meya, C. Meyer, L. M. Navarro, R. van Klink, G. Albert, C. D. Barratt, H. Bruelheide, Y. Cao, A. Chamoin, M. Darbi, M. Dornelas, N. Eisenhauer, F. Essl, N. Farwig, J. Förster, J. Freyhof, J. Geschke, F. Gottschall, C. Guerra, P. Haase, T. Hickler, U. Jacob, T. Kastner, L. Korell, I. Kühn, G. U. C. Lehmann, B. Lenzner, A. Marques, E. Motivans Švara, L. C. Quintero, A. Pacheco, A. Popp, J. Rouet-Leduc, F. Schnabel, J. Siebert, I. R. Staude, S. Trogisch, V. Švara, J.-C. Svenning, G. Pe'er, K. Raab, D. Rakosy, M. Vandewalle, A. S. Werner, C. Wirth, H. Xu, D. Yu, Y. Zinngrebe and A. Bonn

(2021): Biodiversity post-2020: Closing the gap between global targets and national-level implementation. Conservation Letters

Gu, H. J., Zhang, C. C., Chen, F. S., Huang, J. H., Wang, J. S., Bruelheide, H., Trogisch, S., Fang, X. M., Li, J. J., Bu, W. S.

(2021): The Bamboo Rhizome Evolution in China Is Driven by Geographical Isolation and Trait Differentiation. Forests

Schmidt, A., Hines, J., Türke, M., Buscot, F., Schädler, M., Weigelt, A., Gebler, A., Klotz, S., Liu, T., Reth, S., Trogisch, S., Roy, J., Wirth, C. and Eisenhauer, N.

(2021): The iDiv Ecotron—A flexible research platform for multitrophic biodiversity research. Ecology and Evolution

Trogisch, S., Liu, X., Rutten, G., Xue, K., Bauhus, J., Brose, U., Bu, W., Cesarz, S., Chesters, D., Connolly, J., Cui, X., Eisenhauer, N., Guo, L., Haider, S., Härdtle, W., Kunz, M., Liu, L., Ma, Z., Neumann, S., Sang, W., Schuldt, A., Tang, Z., van Dam, N. M., von Oheimb, G., Wang, M.-Q., Wang, S., Weinhold, A., Wirth, C., Wubet, T., Xu, X., Yang, B., Zhang, N., Zhu, C.-D., Ma, K., Wang, Y. and Bruelheide, H.

(2021): The significance of tree-tree interactions for forest ecosystem functioning. Basic and Applied Ecology

Trogisch, S., Liu, X., Rutten, G., Bruelheide, H.

(2021): Tree diversity effects on ecosystem functioning–Introduction. Basic and Applied Ecology

T. Proß, H. Bruelheide, C. Potvin, M. Sporbert, S. Trogisch, S. Haider

(2021): Drivers of within-tree leaf trait variation in a tropical planted forest varying in tree species richness. Basic and Applied Ecology

Trogisch, S., G. Albert, J. Du, Y. Wang, K. Xue, H. Bruelheide

(2020): Promoting resilience of large international collaborative research programs in times of global crisis. Ecology and Evolution

Zhang, N., H. Bruelheide, Y. Li, Y. Liang, T. Wubet, S. Trogisch, K. Ma

(2020): Community and neighbourhood tree species richness effects on fungal species in leaf litter. Fungal Ecology

Rentschler, T., Gries, P., Behrens, T., Bruelheide, H., Kühn, P., Seitz, S., Shi, X., Trogisch, S., Scholten, T., Schmidt, K.

(2019): Comparison of catchment scale 3D and 2.5D modelling of soil organic carbon stocks in Jiangxi Province, PR China. PLOS ONE

Djukic, I., ..., Auge, H., ..., Bruelheide, H., ..., Schädler, M., ..., Eisenhauer, N., ..., Trogisch, S., TeaComposition, et al.

(2018): Early stage litter decomposition across biomes. Science of the Total Environment

Huang, Y., Chen, Y., Castro-Izaguirre, N., Baruffol, M., Brezzi, M., Lang, A. N., Li, Y., Hardtle, W., Oheimb, G., Yang, X., Liu, X., Pei, K., Both, S., Yang, B., Eichenberg, D., Assmann, T., Bauhus, J., Behrens, T., Buscot, F., Chen, X. Y., Chesters, D., Ding, B. Y., Durka, W., Erfmeier, A., Fang, J., Fischer, M., Guo, L. D., Guo, D., Gutknecht, J. L. M., He, J. S., He, C. L., Hector, A., Hoenig, L., Hu, R. Y., Klein, A. M., Kuehn, P., Liang, Y., Li, S., Michalski, S., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Schmidt, K., Scholten, T., Schuldt, A., Shi, X., Tan, M. Z., Tang, Z., Trogisch, S., Wang, Z., Welk, E., Wirth, C., Wubet, T., Xiang, W., Yu, M., Yu, X. D., Zhang, J., Zhang, S., Zhang, N., Zhou, H. Z., Zhu, C. D., Zhu, L., Bruelheide, H., Ma, K., Niklaus, P. A., Schmid, B.

(2018): Impacts of species richness on productivity in a large-scale subtropical forest experiment. Science

Liu, X. J., Trogisch, S., He, J. S., Niklaus, P. A., Bruelheide, H., Tang, Z. Y., Erfmeier, A., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Pietsch, K. A., Yang, B., et al.

(2018): Tree species richness increases ecosystem carbon storage in subtropical forests. Proceedings of the Royal Society B - Biological Sciences

Schuldt, A., Assmann, T., Brezzi, M., Buscot, F., Eichenberg, D., Gutknecht, J., Härdtle, W., He, J.-S., Klein, A.-M., Kühn, P., Liu, X., Ma, K., Niklaus, P. A., Pietsch, K. A., Purahong, W., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Schmid, B., Scholten, T., Staab, M., Tang, Z., Trogisch, S., von Oheimb, G., Wirth, C., Wubet, T., Zhu, C.-D., Bruelheide, H.

(2018): Biodiversity across trophic levels drives multifunctionality in highly diverse forests. Nature Communications

Wang, C., Ma, Y., Trogisch, S., Huang, Y., Geng, Y., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., He, J.-S.

(2017): Soil respiration is driven by fine root biomass along a forest chronosequence in subtropical China. Journal of Plant Ecology

Trogisch, S., Salmon, Y., He, J.-S., Hector, A., Scherer-Lorenzen, M.

(2016): Spatio-temporal water uptake patterns of tree saplings are not altered by interspecific interaction in the early stage of a subtropical forest. Forest Ecology and Management

Eichenberg, D., Trogisch, S., Huang, Y., He, J.-S., Bruelheide, H.

(2015): Shifts in community leaf functional traits are related to litter decomposition along a secondary forest succession series in subtropical China. Journal of Plant Ecology

Trogisch, S., He, J.-S., Hector, A., Scherer-Lorenzen, M.

(2015): Impact of species diversity, stand age and environmental factors on leaf litter decomposition in subtropical forests in China. Plant and Soil

Bruelheide, H., Nadrowski, K., Assmann, T., Bauhus, J., Both, S., Buscot, F., Chen, X.-Y., Ding, B., Durka, W., Erfmeier, A., Gutknecht, J. L. M., Guo, D., Guo, L.-D., Härdtle, W., He, J.-S., Klein, A.-M., Kühn, P., Liang, Y., Liu, X., Michalski, S., Niklaus, P. A., Pei, K., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Scholten, T., Schuldt, A., Seidler, G., Trogisch, S., von Oheimb, G., Welk, E., Wirth, C., Wubet, T., et al.

(2014): Designing forest biodiversity experiments: general considerations illustrated by a new large experiment in subtropical China. Methods in Ecology and Evolution

Lang, A. C., von Oheimb, G., Scherer-Lorenzen, M., Yang, B., Trogisch, S., Bruelheide, H., Ma, K., Härdtle, W., Kardol, P.

(2014): Mixed afforestation of young subtropical trees promotes nitrogen acquisition and retention. Journal of Applied Ecology

Wu, Y. T., Wubet, T., Trogisch, S., Both, S., Scholten, T., Bruelheide, H., Buscot, F.

(2013): Forest Age and Plant Species Composition Determine the Soil Fungal Community Composition in a Chinese Subtropical Forest. PLoS ONE
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