Dr. Emilio Berti




Carter, N. H., Berti, E., Zuckerwise, A., Pradhan, N. M. B.

(2024): Energetics-based connectivity mapping reveals new conservation opportunities for the endangered tiger in Nepal. Animal Conservation

Gauzens, Benoit, Brose, Ulrich, Delmas, Eva, Berti, Emilio

(2023): ATNr: Allometric Trophic Network models in R. Methods in Ecology and Evolution

Amyntas, Angelos, Berti, Emilio, Gauzens, Benoit, Albert, Georg, Yu, Wentao, Werner, Alexandra S., Eisenhauer, Nico, Brose, Ulrich

(2023): Niche complementarity among plants and animals can alter the biodiversity–ecosystem functioning relationship. Functional Ecology

Bauer, B., Berti, E., Ryser, R., Gauzens, B., Hirt, M. R., Rosenbaum, B., Digel, C., Ott, D., Scheu, S. and Brose, U.

(2022): Biotic filtering by species’ interactions constrains food-web variability across spatial and abiotic gradients. Ecology Letters

Grenié, M., Berti, E., Carvajal-Quintero, J., Dädlow, G. M. L., Sagouis, A. and Winter, M.

(2022): Harmonizing taxon names in biodiversity data: A review of tools, databases and best practices. Methods in Ecology and Evolution

Berti, E., Davoli, M., Buitenwerf, R., Dyer, A., Hansen, O. L. P., Hirt, M., Svenning, J.-C., Terlau, J. F., Brose, U. and Vollrath, F.

(2021): The r package enerscape: A general energy landscape framework for terrestrial movement ecology. Methods in Ecology and Evolution
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