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Flexpool call for doctoral research projects in iDiv's upcoming 3rd funding phase*


The main purpose of this Flexpool call is to instigate innovative research projects that integrate across the wide expertise of the iDiv community and increase the visibility of iDiv’s “integrative” character across all member institutions. Successful projects should specifically focus on topics integrating within and across the five research areas (RAs): Biodiversity Change, Biodiversity and Complexity, Molecular Biodiversity and Adaptation, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning and Biodiversity and Society.

At first glance:

  • Available positions: 5 PhD positions
  • Components of the call: Eligibility, selection criteria, submission process, evaluation, pre-approval, recruitment, funding, monitoring
  • Applicants: Full iDiv members including junior group leaders (JGLs) but excluding iDiv core professors and their / other iDiv staff who are full members
  • Co-applicants: Full iDiv members including iDiv core professors and external scientists heavily involved in the development of the proposal
  • Selection criteria: Excellence (40%), integration (40%), activity (20%)
  • Flexpool Evaluation Committee: Science Strategy Board (SSB) members and their deputies not included as main PI in any of the proposals. If needed, additional members or other scientists will be consulted to provide expertise.


The call includes salary (65%, E 13) for one PhD position until 30 September 2024*, consumables, travel and publication costs. Consumables must be specified and are expected not to exceed a budget of 10 k€ peryear. Justified exceptions may be considered.

Deadlines and important dates:

  • Letter of Intent submission deadline: 4 September 2020
  • Proposal submission deadline: 1 October 2020
  • Invitation to oral presentation: 30 October 2020
  • Oral presentation & final decision: 19 November 2020
  • SSB approval: 1 December 2020
  • Advertising positions: 17 December 2020
  • Application deadline for candidates: 27 January 2021
  • Candidate selection: 5 February 2021
  • Inviting candidates: 5 February 2021
  • Recruitment symposium: 23 / 24 February 2021
  • Project start: ~ 1 April 2021.

Proposals shall be submitted to Christa Genz ( as a single PDF-file. In case of positive evaluation of a project and the recruitment of a suitable candidate, funding can begin as soon as possible.*

* Please note that employment contracts can at first only be offered until 30 September 2021 and are planned to be prolonged to the entire 42 months in case of a positive approval of the renewal proposal of iDiv by DFG in 2021.

Full-length PDF-version of the call can be downloaded here.

Word template for Letter of Intent can be downloaded here.

Word template for proposals can be downloaded here.

LaTeX template for proposals can be downloaded here.

If you intend to use Overleaf, you may request the shared link via email to Christa Genz.

Fast-track call for ‘Taproot’ projects

Within this call, we invite fast-track proposals for seed money for integrative research projects contributing to iDiv’s ‘Taproot’ initiative. Specifically, we are looking for projects that need to strengthen their integrative potential and enhance the recognition and added value of their synergies. Projects can, but need not, fit into an existing or already defined ‘Taproot’, but must show potential to develop integration and depth in a research area core to the central iDiv mission.   

Consumable funds are offered to foster any type of interaction that is needed to develop the project further (e.g., kick-off and regular meetings, seminars, workshops, lab visits, etc.), and are expected not to exceed 10k€; strong justifications for higher costs will be considered. Personnel costs and catering services are not included in this call.

All iDiv scientists, including full and associate members, post- and doctoral researchers, are eligible to apply.

Proposals need to be submitted as a single PDF-file to the member relations officer at iDiv, Dr. Christa Genz ( before the evaluation process starts.

Full-length PDF-version of the call can be downloaded here.


The template for the annual or final reports on Flexpool projects can be downloaded here.

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