Deutsches Zentrum für integrative Biodiversitätsforschung (iDiv)

Funded projects 2021

Doctoral research projects:

  • Epigenetic factors as molecular drivers of microbial biodiversity, PI: Holger Deising, MLU
  • Harnessing the power of RADseq data to achieve a more mechanistic understanding of rapid evolution, PI: Isabell Hensen, MLU
  • iSPOT (Spatial scaling of Porphyry Outcrop Trends), PI: Ute Jandt, MLU
  • DeForESG – Deforestation explained by social-ecological dynamics and governance shift, PI: Josef Settele, UFZ
  • Detection and attribution of changes in soil moisture and temperature as affected by plant diversity and climate, PI: Joachim Denzler, Univ. of Jena

Flexpool Support Fund projects:

  • Explorative data visualization across iDiv datasets, PI: Samira Babalou, iDiv/Univ. of Jena
  • iLULC – Spatially explicit assessment of data uncertainties in global land-use/cover time-series for Integrative Biodiversity Science, PI: Caterina Barrasso, iDiv/UL
  • Chimpanzee’s last supper: dietary plasticity and ecology of an elusive omnivorous species, PI: Gaëlle Bocksberger, iDiv/UL
  • FRESH - Frost RESistance in Herbaceous species: a crucial factor for plant distribution, performance and response to climate change, PI: Solveig Franziska Bucher, Univ. of Jena
  • iNTERACT: impacts of laNdscape structure, floral resources and land-use intensity on the healTh of bEneficial aRthropods in AgroeCosysTems, PI: Christophe Dominik, UFZ
  • Plant communities in Andean peatlands mediating microbial decomposition: Consequences for carbon sequestration, PI: Mary Carolina García Lino, MLU
  • iNutriPol - Assessing the impact of the nutritional value of pollen diversity for soil food webs, PI: Thomas Hornick, iDiv/UFZ
  • Drivers of succession in microbiomes: resource use and in the cheese microbiome as a model system, PI: Stephanie Jurburg, iDiv/UL
  • Can seedling traits predict the establishment success of species belonging to the dark diversity?, PI: Lotte Korell, iDiv/UFZ
  • Development of an integrative approach for the evolutionary resolution of mountain rapid radiations, PI: Alexandra Muellner-Riehl, UL
  • Effects of temperature changes on floral and fruit traits, PI: Omer Nevo, iDiv/Univ. of Jena
  • Historical collections: a window into the impacts of decades of anthropogenic change on plant-pollinator interactions, PI: Demetra Rakosy, iDiv/UFZ
  • The more, the merrier? Exploring the role of forest biodiversity on mental health and well-being – a forest bathing study, PI: Kevin Rozario, iDiv/Univ. of Jena


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