Deutsches Zentrum für integrative Biodiversitätsforschung (iDiv)

Funded projects 2020

Doctoral research projects:

  • Traversing the canopy – how do transport processes of microbes and matter shape phyllosphere microbial communities?, PI: Martina Herrmann, Univ. of Jena
  • Detecting long-term functional changes in biodiversity: boosting analyses of herbarium specimens using spectroscopic methods (FunSpec), PI: Karsten Wesche, SMNG
  • Macroecology and macroevolution of plant – frugivore trait matching in the tropics, PI: Renske E. Onstein, iDiv / UL
  • Identifying drivers of intra- and interspecific leaf trait variation in space and time from digitized herbarium specimen using computer vision approaches, PI: Jens Kattge, MPI-BGC
  • Understanding soil biodiversity: Using the new functional framework for root traits (Root Economics Space) to predict soil-borne fungal communities in grasslands (RESfun),  PI: Alexandra Weigelt, UL

Postdoctoral research projects:

  • Disentangling eco-evolutionary dynamics across temporal and spatial scales, PI: Renske E. Onstein, iDiv / UL
  • How biodiversity change alters the biotic context of biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships - a synthesis of models, experiments and observations, PI: Christian Wirth, UL
  • Pathogen spillover among insect pollinator species: quantifying evolutionary processes to inform on viral adaptive potential, PI: Robert Paxton, MLU
  • Diversity and scenario modelling of molecular markers of plant pathogens in plant, litter and soil metagenomes - DiSco Mole, PI: François Buscot, UFZ
  • Analysing plant invasions in their environmental context (iCon), PI: Ingolf Kühn, UFZ
  • Towards greener oil palm plantations – a cost-benefit approach for wildlife and farmers, PI: Anja Widdig, UL / MPI-EVA
  • Extracting spatiotemporal macroecological patterns using plant occurrence data crowd-sourced via Flora Incognita, PI: Miguel Mahecha, UL
  • iKNOW - Leveraging Knowledge Graphs for iDiv and Biodiversity, PI: Birgitta König-Ries, Univ. of Jena
  • iESTIMATE - Identifying ESsenTIal Molecular vAriables in Terrestrial Ecology, PI: Steffen Neumann, IPB
  • DArwin's Naturalization Conundrum rEvisited (DANCE) – Darwin meets omics, PI: Sylvia Haider, MLU
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