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  • Applying portable field spectroscopy for plant functional trait analysis. PI: Helge Bruelheide, MLU
  • Oak Clone DF 159 helps to depict the natural history of ectomycorrhizal symbiosis and the answer of the multitrophic interactome on trees to changing field conditions. PI: François Buscot, UFZ
  • Evolution of arthropod endosymbionts. PI: Christoph Bleidorn, UL
  • Dispersal and movement of Amazonian understory birds: the role of different space-time scales. PI: Klaus Henle, UFZ
  • How are surface and subsurface biodiversity linked? Assessment of microbial diversity in surface and subsurface compartments of the Jena Experiment and the Hainich groundwater observation transect. PI: Kirsten Küsel, Univ. of Jena
  • EasyDiv – Evolution of PollinAtor Immune SYstem DIVersity. PI: Michael Lattorf, MLU
  • Genetic underpinning of a major evolutionary transition: eusociality. PI: Robert Paxton, MLU
  • Using a portable field spectrometer for plant functional trait analysis accounting for aspects of intraspecific variability. PI: Christine Römermann, Univ. of Jena
  • Leaf-trait correlations across different organisational levels. PI: Christine Römermann, Univ. of Jena
  • Testing for increased positive plant-soil feedbacks at greater plant diversity. PI: Christiane Roscher, UFZ
  • Improving Lacertid Genome Assembly by Long Read Sequences Using PacBio to Investigate Accelerated Evolution in Chromosomal Rearrangements and Speciation in Lacertid Lizards. PI: Martin Schlegel, UL
  • The role of tree species composition and forest structure on cooling as forest ecosystem service provision. PI: Michael Vohland, UL
  • The effect of functional diversity on root activity and short-term carbon transfer to the soil food web – a 13C pulse-labeling experiment in the Jena Experiment. PI: Alexandra Weigelt, UL
  • Biological interchange between hotspots of biodiversity – local mechanisms and their effect on (sub)global patterns of plant diversity. PI: Alexandra Muellner-Riehl, UL
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