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  • The importance of antagonistic interactions for plant species coexistence and ecosystem functioning. PI: Harald Auge, UFZ
  • Community dynamics and ecosystem functioning during subtropical forest succession: the role of phylogeny and functional traits. PI: Helge Bruelheide, MLU
  • Cross comparing molecular and physiological regulation in ectomycorrhizal interactions of different fungi with oak trees: a way to understand biodiversity emergence in symbioses. PI: François Buscot, UFZ
  • Trinity in biodiversity: a synthesis of metabolic scaling, niche, and neutral theory. PI: Volker Grimm, UFZ
  • Importance of mutualistic interactions for current and future patterns of plant and bird diversity in the tropical Andes: PI: Isabell Hensen, MLU
  • Identifying key community traits shaping pelagic iron-rich aggregates. PI: Kirsten Küsel, Univ. of Jena
  • iTRY - Integrating trait observations and macroecological data across Europe. PI: Miguel Mahecha, MPI-BGC
  • Frequency of jasmonate deficiency in plant populations: consequences for plant productivity and insect diversity. PI: Stefan Meldua, MPI-CE
  • Apiculture and the pollinator decline: A model for pathogen driven biodiversity risks. PI: Robin Moritz, MLU
  • Mapping genetic and species diversity of pollinators to the ecosystem service of pollination across changing landscapes. PI: Robert Paxton, MLU
  • Accelerated Evolution in Chromosomal Rearrangements and Speciation in Lacertid Lizards. PI: Martin Schlegel, UL
  • Carbon allocation pattern by IR spectroscopy. PI: Christian Wilhelm, UL
  • How do phylogenetic, functional, and demographic diversity drive coexistence in species-rich tropical tree communities? – a data-driven modeling study? PI: Nadja Rüger
  • Computational and statistical analysis of RAD-seq and RNA-seq data. PI: Ivo Große
  • Plant functional identity and diversity effects on ecosystem resistance to and recovery from flooding perturbations. PI: Nico Eisenhauer, UL
  • Next generation biodiversity manipulation: Technical implementation of a prototype chamber for  the iDiv ecotron platform. PI: François Buscot, UFZ
  • Towards a unifying system of plant trait definition and measurement. PI: Stefan Klotz, UFZ
  • Stable isotope ecology of tropical biodiversity and food web complexity - Implications for hominid diversification. PI: Hjalmar Kühl, MPI-EV
  • Identification of carbon fluxes and keyplayers in microbial communities by metaproteomics. PI: Martin von Bergen, UFZ
  • SaMiDA - Saturated Microbial Diversity Analyses at High Resolution Using High Throughput Sequencing. PI: Jörg Overmann, DSMZ
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