CAP Fitness Check - Methods

Our project is based on a desk study (literature review) initiated in January 2017. Key activities along the process were:

  • Establishing a scoping committee and carefully designing the project to ensure highest quality and robustness
  • Building a knowledge base collating a list of almost 900 potentially-relevant publications
  • Generating an in-depth database collecting a large number of parameters from almost 300 publications
  • Evaluating the CAP’s impacts on our society, economy and the environment, separating direct from indirect effects, as well as CAP versus non-CAP phenomena.
  • Assessing the CAP along the criteria required by the EU for a Fitness Check: Effectiveness, Efficiency, Internal Coherence, External Coherence, Relevance, and EU Added Value
  • Evaluating the CAP in terms of its capacity to deliver on the most relevant SDGs.
  • Presenting our preliminary results to the public (5.2017) and taking comments for further improvement of the report and database.
  • Ensuring quality control and assurance e.g. through a review process by four independent reviewers.
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