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This is the coordination team behind the Frontiers for Young Minds article translations.

Elisabeth Bönisch

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Amelie Hauer

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Vrinda Dabas
(Student helper)

Romy Zeiss

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Evangelia (Linda) Chronopoulou

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Stefan Bernhardt
(Web interface)

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Ioannis Constantinou

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Editors of the original articles

This is the editoral team of the english articles from the original FYM collection.

Prof Dr Malte Jochum

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Dr Helen Phillips

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How to contribute?

We are still looking for engaged translators that can help us with the translation of soil articles into as many languages as possible.
Please spread the word with our poster "Translators wanted" and introduction of the project.

Twitter: @scibio_comm


If you would like to join the effort:

  1. please check the list of articles,
  2. find an article according to your scientific expertise, and
  3. fill out the form.

Afterwards, we will approach you to send the article and instructions.



Please contact us at any time if you have questions or face issues regarding the prepared or published translations.



Spotted a typo?

If you spotted a typo or mistake in the articles, please let us know:

We rely on the language skills of the translators and can't proof-read the articles on our own. If you want to do that, we are very happy to have you as reviewer of articles (with proper credit in the article PDF and online version). Let us know via e-mail!


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