Writing reports using R-Markdown and iDiv’s Gitlab/Github



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iDiv Leipzig, Red Queen

October 14-15, 2019, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

16 / 0.25 CP


We will explore how to use R-Markdown to create a publication-ready report. I will show how to include graphics, either directly from analyses performed in R, or from external sources such as .jpg-pictures. I will demonstrate how to include mathematical equations, how to number tables, graphics and equations, how to add bibliographies, and everything else you need to write a full manuscript. Optional: I will show how to use iDiv’s Gitlab and/or Github as version control tools for your R-project in R-Studio.

Didactic aims/ competencies gained

You will be able to use R-Markdown, Bookdown and further R-packages to write publication-ready reports. Optional: You will learn the basics to use iDiv’s Gitlab and/or Github to have control of your R-project.

Didactic elements

Live presentation of R-Markdown using R-Studio: The presentation can be interrupted at any time by the participants for questions.

Prior knowledge needed

You need basic knowledge of R and R-Studio. Please activate your iDiv Gitlab-account before the course. If you are not an iDiv employee or member, you can also use Github. You can also join the course without Gitlab or Github!


Dr Björn Rall

iDiv postdoc in the Theory in Biodiversity Science group


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