Good Scientific Practice



Course Dates

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Online via Zoom

29-30 October 2020
9:00 am - 4:00/2:00 pm

16 / 0.5 CP


This course provides an introduction to the basic rules and values of a responsible conduct of research.

Specific Topics:

  •    Definition of good scientific practice, including international, national and institutional guidelines and regulations
  •    Scientific misconduct and how to deal with it
  •    Responsible data management and research documentation
  •    Authorship and the process of publication
  •    Mentoring and supervision

Didactic Aims

Participants know and understand the rules and regulations of good scientific practice and are aware of different areas in the scientific process in which scientific misconduct might appear. They reflect on common practices in their research work and research environment. They are able to develop appropriate solutions when facing problems related to scientific integrity in their own work or noticing such problems in the work of others.

Didactic Elements

Presentations, case studies, group discussions


Dr Nicole Sachmerda-Schulz


Dr Claudia Dislich

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