sToration – Applying Coexistence Theory to Restoration Ecology and Adaptive Management

First meeting: 21.-25.10.2019

Lauren Shoemaker
Lauren Hallett
Akasha Faist

iDiv members:
Jonathan Chase
Stan Harpole
Emma Ladouceur

Project summary:
Understanding the mechanisms behind successful ecological restoration is critical to biodiversity conservation, especially with unprecedented rates of environmental change and biodiversity decline. Linking applied ecological restoration with theory of why species coexist provides a crucial bridge to predictive management across ecosystems and disciplines. This working group aims to (i) assess the utility of current theory across global restoration efforts, (ii) synthesize theory and practice into a generalizable framework transferable across contexts and (iii) develop novel theory incorporating global change factors.

Lina Batas (University of Oregon), Catherine Bowler (The University of Queensland), Jonathan Chase (iDiv), Sharon Collinge (University of Colorado-Boulder), Akasha Faist (New Mexico State University), Benjamin Gilbert (University of Toronto), Oscar Godoy (Universidad de Cádiz), Lauren Hallett (University of Oregon), Stan Harpole (iDiv), Emma Ladouceur (iDiv), Loralee Larios (University of California Riverside), Margaret Mayfield (University of Queensland), Nancy Shackelford (University of Colorado at Boulder), Lauren Shoemaker (University of Wyoming), Simon Stump (Yale University), Vicky Temperton (Leuphana University Lüneburg)

Meeting report

Second meeting: 13.-17.06.2022

In person participants:
Lina Batas (University of Oregon), Jonathan Chase (iDiv), Akasha Faist (New Mexico State University), Ben Gilbert (University of Toronto), Emma Ladouceur (iDiv), Lauren Shoemaker (University of Wyoming), Christopher Weiss-Lehman (University of Wyoming), Stan Harpole (iDiv), György Barabás (Linköping University)

Remote participants:
Oscar Godoy (University of Cádiz), Margie Mayfield (The University of Melbourne), Lauren Hallett (University of Oregon), Yuanzhi Li (Sun Yat-sen University), Jacob Lucero (New Mexico State University), Nancy Shackelford (University of Victoria), Chhaya Werner (University of Wyoming), Loralee Larios (University of California Riverside), Sharon Collinge (University of Colorado Boulder), Chengjin Chu (Sun Yat-sen University), Catherine Bowler (University of Queensland)

Meeting report

Third meeting: 20.-23.06.2023

In-person participants
Jon Chase (iDiv), Akasha Faist (University of Montana), Ben Gilbert (Dept. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto), Stan Harpole (iDiv), Emma Ladouceur (iDiv ), Margie Mayfield (The University of Melbourne), Nancy Shackelford (University of Victoria), Christopher Weiss-Lehman (University of Wyoming)

Remote participants
György Barabás (Linköping University), Lina Batas (University of Oregon), Oscar Godoy (University of Cádiz), Lauren Hallett (University of Oregon), Loralee Larios (University of California Riverside), Jacob Lucero (Texas A&M University), Lauren Shoemaker (University of Wyoming), Chhaya Werner (Southern Oregon University)

Meeting Report


Aoyama, L. et al. (2022), Application of modern coexistence theory to rare plant restoration provides early indication of restoration trajectories. Ecological Applications. Accepted Author Manuscript e2649. See here

Hallett, L. M. et al. (2023) Restoration ecology through the lens of coexistence theory. Trends in Ecology & Evolution. See here

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