sReStoReS: Restoration Synthesis to Reimagine Success

no meetings, only requested staff support: research assistant Jack Boyce

Emma Ladouceur
Jonathan Chase

iDiv members:
Jonathan Chase
Stan Harpole
Tiffany Knight
Helge Bruelheide
Ute Jandt

Project summary:
Synthesis in ecological restoration is critical for several basic and applied problems, including: (i) understanding how context affects restoration outcomes and predictive capacity (Brudvig, 2017; Brudvig et al., 2017); (ii) informing evidence-based restoration decision-making (Cooke et al., 2018, 2019); (iii) scaling-up approaches to meet global restoration targets (Brudvig & Catano, 2021). However, restoration outcomes are contingent on the goals set, the approach taken, and many ecological and socio-economic factors (Fischer et al., 2021; Miller et al., 2017; Suding, 2011).
Here, we request for support for our ongoing synthetic data compilation, the ‘Global Restore Project’ (GRP). The GRP is wrapping up a phase which focused primarily on restoration via seed addition in grasslands (a combined effort led by PIs Ladoceur, Shackleford, Chase, Harpole and several others). We are now seeking to engage other members of the iDiv consorti-um to consolidate data from Europe (Bruelheide, Jandt), and to begin networking towards in-tegrating regions currently underrepresented in the GRP, including parts of the Global South (Knight). We are asking for support to accomplish this via a research assistant (Hiwi) to be based at iDiv. The GRP, with sDiv’s support, will be a fully open/FAIR project that will provide iDiv members with an integrated dataset to address a number of critical synthesis problems in restoration ecology (main analyses will be driven by PI Ladoceur, an independently funded Humboldt Postdoc), and will continue to grow as a valuable resource for the global restoration community.

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