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Taproot meetings happen approximately once per month.

You can find the recordings of past meetings here.

Upcoming taproot meetings

We changed the format of our monthly seminars towards a podcast called "Solid Science". You can access it on many platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Podcast, Deezer, and PlayerFM.

So(i)lid Science is a podcast about science and people with a certain focus on soils, in which Carlos Guerra and Romy Zeiss are chatting with a diverse group of guests about their subjects. New episodes are published every month.

Past events

Soil Ecological Research in Latin America

September 21th 2022, 4 to 6pm
Location: online

Panelists: Adriana Montañez and Clara Peña-Venegas

eDNA in Soil Biodiversity Research

October 19th 2022, 2 to 4pm
Location: online

Panelists: Irene Calderon-Sanou and Leho Tedersoo

Use cases of SoilTemp data (in Soil Biodiversity Research)

November 17th 2022, 2 to 4pm
Location: online

Panelists: Rémy Beugnon and Jonas Lembrechts

Next steps in European Soil Biodiversity Research

December 21st 2022, 2 to 4pm
Location: online

Panelists: Luca Montanarella and Teresa Correia


Women in soil ecology

Panelists: Franciska de Vries and Kelly Ramirez



Going deeper in terrestrial ecology

January 11th, 2 to 4pm
Location: online

Panelists: Kirsten Küsel and Kai Totsche



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