sMarD - Global Changes in Marine Plankton Diversity and Productivity

First meeting: 30.11.-04.12.2015

Aleksandra Lewandowska;
Boris Worm

iDiv members:
Helmut Hillebrand

Project summary:
Human activities have greatly affected marine biodiversity and productivity. Although oceans cover more than 70% of the Earth, changes in biodiversity of marine plankton and their consequences for global ocean productivity are still poorly understood. Here, we propose a large-scale analysis of changes in diversity of marine plankton to understand recent trends in global ocean primary production and their consequences for ecosystem structure and the services they provide to humanity.

Andrew Barton; Daniel Boyce; Pedro Cermeno; Zoe Finkel; Stephanie Henson; Helmut Hillebrand; Matthias Hofmann; Andrew Irwin; Aleksandra Lewandowska; Heike Lotze; Birte Matthiessen; Friederike Prowe; Ulrich Sommer; Derek Tittensor; Sergio Vallina; Boris Worm

Meeting report

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