sFunDivEUROPE - Scaling biodiversity-ecosystem functioning relationships: a synthesis based on the FunDivEUROPE research platforms

First meeting: 24.-26.11.2014

Eric Allan;
Lars Gamfeldt

iDiv member:
Christian Wirth

Project summary:
Understanding the role of biodiversity for ecosystem functioning is fundamental for evidence-based management of our natural resources. Here, we use the wealth of data compiled by the EU project FunDivEUROPE (Functional significance of forest Diversity in EUROPE) to address the question of whether the relationship between tree diversity and ecosystem processes changes along environmental gradients and with changing spatial and temporal scales. This will allow us to up-scale biodiversity functioning relationships from the plot to continental scale.

Eric Allan (University of Bern), Lander Baeten (Ghent University), Raquel Benavides (University of Freiburg), Simon Bilodeau-Gauthier (iDiv), Helge Bruelheide (University of Halle/Saale), Markus Fischer (University of Bern), Lars Gamfeldt (University of Gothenburg), Josephine Haase (University of Freiburg), Tommaso Jucker (University of Cambridge), Stephan Kambach (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ), Georges Kunstler (Irstea), Sandra Mueller (University of Freiburg), Charles Nock (University of Freiburg), Bettina  Ohse (University Leipzig), Alain Paquette (CEF/UQAM), Sophia Ratcliffe (Leipzig University), Fabian Roger (University of Gothenburg), Paloma Ruiz-Benito (University of Stirling), Michael Scherer-Lorenzen (University of Freiburg), Alfons van der Plas (University of Bern), Miguel A. Zavala (University of Alcala)


Sophia Ratcliffe, Christian Wirth et al. (2017). Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning relations in European forests depend on environmental context. Ecology Letters: Volume20, Issue 11, Pages 1414-1426. See here.

Fons van der Plas, Sophia Ratcliffe et al. (2017) Continental mapping of forest ecosystem functions reveals a high but unrealised potential for forest multifunctionality. Ecology Letters: Volume21, Issue1, Pages 31-42. See here.

Stephan Kambach, Eric Allan et al. (2019) How do trees respond to species mixing in experimental compared to observational studies? Ecology and Evolution: Volume 9, Issue 19, Pages 11254-11265. See here.

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