sEcoEvo - Biodiversity Dynamics: The Nexus Between Space & Time

First meeting: 19.-23.03.2018

Rosemary Gillespie
Michael Hickerson

iDiv member:
Jonathan Chase

Project summary:
Biodiversity is critical for providing ecosystem services and sustaining functioning ecosystems, yet we lack a robust understanding of the relative roles of ecological and evolutionary processes in its origins and maintenance. Participants with expertise at the intersection of macroecology, population genomics, and phylogenetics, will develop an integrative and predictive theoretical framework. The work synthesizes data from plants, insects, and vertebrates, geology, and climate, and uses natural experiments provided by insular systems replicated across snapshots of ecological to evolutionary time.

Paulo Borges (University of Azores); Jonathan Chase (Div/MLU); Rampal Etienne (University of Groningen); Rosemary Gillespie (University of California, Berkeley); Luke Harmon (University of Idaho); Michael Hickerson (City College of New York); JoaquĆ­n Hortal (Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (CSIC)), Petr Keil (iDiv/MLU); Tiffany Knight (iDiv/UFZ/MLU);  Luke Mahler (University of Toronto); Francois Massol (UMR EEP, CNRS); Angela McGaughran (The Australian National University); Brian McGill (University of Maine); Isaac Overcast (City University of New York); Christine Parent (University of Idaho); Jairo Patino Llorente (University of California, Berkeley); Ben Peter (MPI EVA); Andrew Rominger (Santa Fe Institute); James Rosindell (Imperial College London); Megan Ruffley (University of Idaho); Robert Week (University of Idaho)

Meeting report

Second meeting: 13.-17.08.2018

Paulo Borges (University of Azores), Jonathan Chase (iDiv/MLU), Brent Emerson (IPNA-CSIC), Rampal Etienne (University of Groningen), Rosemary Gillespie (University of California Berkeley), Luke Harmon (University of Idaho), Michael Hickerson (City College of New York), Petr Keil (iDiv/MLU), Tiffany Knight (iDiv/UFZ/MLU), D. Luke Mahler (University of Toronto), Francois Massol (CNRS), Angela McGaughran (The Australian National University), Isaac Overcast (City College of New York), Christine Parent (University of Idaho), Ben Peter (MPI EVA), Andrew Rominger (Santa Fe Institute), James Rosindell (Imperial College London), Megan Ruffley (University of Idaho), Pedro Miguel Santos Neves (University of Groningen), Robert Week (University of Idaho)

Meeting report



McGill, BJ, Chase, JM, Hortal, J, et al. ( 2019) Unifying macroecology and macroevolution to answer fundamental questions about biodiversity. Global Ecology and Biogeography. 28:1925-1936. See here.

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