sCoRRE – Assessing functional consequences of community changes with global change using trait-based and phylogenetic approaches

1st meeting: 09.-13.12.2019
2nd meeting: postponed to 13.12. - 17.12.2021

­PIs:Meghan Avolio and Kimberly Komatsu

Global change threatens to alter plant communities, with potential consequences for ecosystem function. We will investigate three ways to generalize community changes, scaling from changes in dominant species and their associated traits, to community-level traits, to phylogenetic diversity, and link these changes to productivity. We will develop a framework to enhance our understanding of the effects of changing environmental conditions on plant community assembly and production, and then test this framework using a global database of 101 manipulative experiments.

Harald Auge (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ), Meghan Avolio (Johns Hopkins University), Stan Harpole (iDiv), Kaitlin Kimmel (University of Minnesota), Kimberly Komatsu (Smithsonian Environmental Research Center), Lotte Korell (Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg), Tamara Münkemüller (Laboratoire d'Ecologie Alpine, LECA, CNRS), Timothy Ohlert (University of New Mexico), Renske Onstein (iDiv), Josep Padullés Cubino (Masaryk University), Franziska Schrodt (University of Nottingham), Christiane Roscher (Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ), Kevin Wilcox (University of Wyoming)

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