sARDINE - spAtial tRenDs IN fish Ethodiversity

First meeting: 22.-26.04.2024

Christopher Monk

iDiv member:
Holger Schielzeth

Project summary:
Most ecological processes involve behaviour, yet behavioural biodiversity (i.e. “ethodiversity”), is essentially unstudied. A big data revolution in animal movement means behavioural data are available across a wide spatial range. sARDINE will establish quantitative methods to evaluate ethodiversity, and synthesise high-resolution fish movement datasets to test whether classic spatial patterns of biodiversity (latitudinal gradients and species-area relationships) apply to ethodiversity and whether harvest affects these patterns. Our findings could impact optimal policies for biodiversity protection and our perception of biodiversity.

In person participants:

Remote partcipants:


Second meeting: 16.-20.09.2024


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