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Canopy Crane Facility

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After damages as a result of the flood in summer 2013 the canopy crane has been reconstructed in spring 2014. First field studies were undertaken on 8 May 2001, initiated by Leipzig University, the City of Leipzig, and the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ. iDiv has taken back its canopy crane in the floodplain forest in Leipzig into operation at Wednesday, 9 July 2014.

Research focus

  • Important life processes inside the ecosystem forest, to develop suggestions for forestal utilization and nature conservation
  • Biocenoses of high treetops, their specific adaptions and achievements
  • Functional biodiversity research, i.e. the influence of biological diversity on the forest’s cooling function, the dynamic of carbon storage, catabolic processes and decomposer communities in treetops

Key data

  • Location: Leipzig, floodplain forest, conservation area: “Burgaue”
  • Platform type: Experimental outdoor platform, field studies, revolving tower crane type Liebherr 71 EC, 40 meters high, area to be spanned: 16,500m2
  • Research groups involved: Scientists from the Leipzig University, iDiv and its partners


Prof Christian Wirth

Ronny Richter

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