Maria-Theresa Jessen

Postdoctoral Researcher

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Eskelinen, Anu, Jessen, Maria-Theresa, Bahamonde, Hector A., Bakker, Jonathan D., Borer, Elizabeth T., Caldeira, Maria C., Harpole, W. Stanley, Jia, Meiyu, Lannes, Luciola S., Nogueira, Carla, Olde Venterink, Harry, Peri, Pablo L., Porath-Krause, Anita J., Seabloom, Eric W., Schroeder, Katie, Tognetti, Pedro M., Yasui, Simone-Louise E., Virtanen, Risto, Sullivan, Lauren L.

(2023): Herbivory and nutrients shape grassland soil seed banks. Nature Communications

Jessen, Maria-Theresa, Krab, Eveline J., Lett, Signe, Nilsson, Marie-Charlotte, Teuber, Laurenz, Wardle, David A., Dorrepaal, Ellen

(2023): Understory functional groups and fire history but not experimental warming drive tree seedling performance in unmanaged boreal forests. Frontiers in Forests and Global Change

Virtanen, R., Bakker, J. D., Jessen, M.-T., Sullivan, L. L., Harpole, W. S. and Eskelinen, A.

(2022): Is the bryophyte soil diaspore bank buffered against nutrient enrichment and grazing exclusion?. Plant and Soil

Jessen, M.-T., E. Kaarlejärvi, J. Olofsson, A. Eskelinen

(2020): Mammalian herbivory shapes intraspecific trait responses to warmer climate and nutrient enrichment. Global Change Biology
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