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I am interested in how biotic interactions within and across trophic levels (plant-plant, hemiparasite-plant and herbivore-plant interactions) are affected by different global change drivers, such as disturbance, exotic plant invasions, nitrogen deposition and changing climatic conditions, and what consequences arise for biodiversity and ecosystem functioning of plant communities.  To tackle these questions I use different tools like meso-cosm experiments in the greenhouse to field experiments at multiple sites. Currently, I am working on a meta-analysis on how altered climatic conditions affect plant biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.



Korell, L., Stein, C., Hensen, I., Bruelheide, H., Suding, K. N., H., Auge, H. (2016) Stronger effect of gastropods than rodents on seedling establishment, irrespective of native or exotic plant species origin. Oikos: 125, 1467-1477.

Korell, L., Schmidt, R., Bruelheide, H., Hensen, I., Auge, H. (2016) Mechanisms driving diversity–productivity relationships differ between exotic and native communities and are affected by gastropod herbivory. Oecologia, 180, 1025-1036.

Maron, J. L., Auge, H., Pearson, D. E., Korell, L., Hensen, I., Suding, K. N., Stein, C. (2014) Staged invasions across disparate grasslands: effects of seed provenance, consumers and disturbance on productivity and species richness. Ecology Letters, 17, 499-507.

Ludewig, K., Korell, L., Löffler, F., Scholtz, M., Mosner, E., Jensen, K. (2014) Vegetation patterns of floodplain meadows along the climatic gradient at the Middle Elbe River. Flora, 8, 446-455.

iDiv publications


L. Korell, H. Auge, J. M. Chase, W. S. Harpole, T. M. Knight

(2021): Responses of plant diversity to precipitation change are strongest at local spatial scales and in drylands. Nature Communications 12(1) *

Korell, L., Auge, H., Chase, J. M., Harpole, W. S., Knight, T. M.

(2020): We need more realistic climate change experiments for understanding ecosystems of the future. Global Change Biology 26(2), 325-327 *

Korell, L., Sandner, T. M., Matthies, D., Ludewig, K.

(2020): Effects of drought and N level on the interactions of the root hemiparasite Rhinanthus alectorolophus with a combination of three host species. Plant Biology 22, 84-92

Schöps, R., Goldmann, K., Korell, L., Bruelheide, H., Wubet, T., Buscot, F.

(2020): Resident and phytometer plants host comparable rhizosphere fungal communities in managed grassland ecosystems. Scientific Reports 10(1)

Korell, L., Auge, H., Chase, J. M., Harpole, W. S., Knight, T. M.

(2019): Understanding plant communities of the future requires filling knowledge gaps. Global Change Biology 26(2), 328-329 *

Korell, L., Sandner, T. M., Matthies, D., Ludewig, K.

(2019): Effects of drought and N-level on the interactions of the root-hemiparasite Rhinanthus alectorolophus with a combination of three hosts. Plant Biology 22

Korell, L., Schädler, M., Brandl, R., Schreiter, S, Auge, H.

(2019): Release from Above- and Belowground Insect Herbivory Mediates Invasion Dynamics and Impact of an Exotic Plant. Plants 8(12)

Korell, L., Lang, B. R., Hensen, I., Auge, H., Bruelheide, H.

(2017): Interactions count: plant origin, herbivory and disturbance jointly explain seedling recruitment and community structure. Scientific Reports 7, 8288
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