Dr Remo Ryser


Research interests


I simulate dynamics in complex foodwebs in different landscapes and complex spatial networks. I am interested in how local trophic dynamics and meta-population dynamics interact in shaping foodweb and meta-foodweb structures.



Since 11/2020
PostDoc at the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig

10/2016 - 11/2020
PhD Thesis at the German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig: Synthesis of spatial and trophic networks and their response to global change

09/2010 – 07/2015
Studies in biology with focus on ecology and evolution, University of Bern, Switzerland

Master of Science
Thesis: Development and evaluation of new methods to study the impact of light pollution on ecological interaction networks

Bachelor of Science
Thesis: From dusk till dawn: Day time – night time plant-flower visitors and night time sampling methods

Publications before iDiv


Knop, E., Gerpe, C., Ryser, R., Hofmann, F., Menz, M. H., Trösch, S., ... & Fontaine, C. (2018). Rush hours in flower visitors over a day–night cycle. Insect Conservation and Diversity, 11(3), 267-275.

Knop, E., Zoller, L., Ryser, R., Gerpe, C., Hörler, M., & Fontaine, C. (2017). Artificial light at night as a new threat to pollination. Nature, 548(7666), 206.

iDiv publications


J. Häussler, R. Ryser, U. Brose

(2021): Invasive spread in meta-food-webs depends on landscape structure, fertilization and species characteristics. Oikos

S. Larsen, L. Comte, A. Filipa Filipe, M.-J. Fortin, C. Jacquet, R. Ryser, P. A. Tedesco, U. Brose, T. Erős, X. Giam, K. Irving, A. Ruhi, S. Sharma, J. D. Olden

(2021): The geography of metapopulation synchrony in dendritic river networks. Ecology Letters

Brose, U., P. Archambault, A. D. Barnes, L.-F. Bersier, T. Boy, ..., C. Digel, A. Dissanayake, A. A. V. Flores, K. Fussmann, B. Gauzens, C. Gray, J. Häussler, M. R. Hirt, U. Jacob, ..., E. Latz, K. Layer-Dobra, P. Legagneux, Y. Li, ..., B. C. Rall, B. Rosenbaum, R. Ryser, A. Silva, E. H. Sohlström, ..., S. Wang, J. M. Wefer, ..., A. C. Iles

(2019): Predator traits determine food-web architecture across ecosystems. Nature ecology & evolution
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