Shawan Chowdhury

Postdoc (sMon)

iDiv publications


Chowdhury, Shawan, Aich, Upama, Rokonuzzaman, Md, Alam, Shofiul, Das, Priyanka, Siddika, Asma, Ahmed, Sultan, Labi, Mahzabin Muzahid, Marco, Moreno Di, Fuller, Richard A, Callaghan, Corey T

(2023): Increasing biodiversity knowledge through social media: A case study from tropical Bangladesh. BioScience

Nolde-Lopez, B., Bundus, J., Arenas-Castro, H., Román, D., Chowdhury, S., Amano, T., Berdejo-Espinola, V., Wadgymar, S. M.

(2023): Language Barriers in Organismal Biology: What Can Journals Do Better?. Integrative Organismal Biology

Chowdhury, S., Jennions, M. D., Zalucki, M. P., Maron, M., Watson, J. E. M., Fuller, R. A.

(2023): Protected areas and the future of insect conservation. Trends in Ecology & Evolution

Amano, T., Ramirez-Castaneda, V., Berdejo-Espinola, V., Borokini, I., Chowdhury, S., Golivets, M., Gonzalez-Trujillo, J. D., Montano-Centellas, F., Paudel, K., White, R. L., Verissimo, D.

(2023): The manifold costs of being a non-native English speaker in science. Plos Biology

Chowdhury, S.

(2023): Threatened species could be more vulnerable to climate change in tropical countries. Science of The Total Environment

Chowdhury, Shawan, Zalucki, Myron P., Hanson, Jeffrey O., Tiatragul, Sarin, Green, David, Watson, James E. M., Fuller, Richard A.

(2023): Three-quarters of insect species are insufficiently represented by protected areas. One Earth

Chowdhury, Shawan, Fuller, Richard A., Ahmed, Sultan, Alam, Shofiul, Callaghan, Corey T., Das, Priyanka, Correia, Ricardo A., Di Marco, Moreno, Di Minin, Enrico, Jarić, Ivan, Labi, Mahzabin Muzahid, Ladle, Richard J., Rokonuzzaman, Md., Roll, Uri, Sbragaglia, Valerio, Siddika, Asma, Bonn, Aletta

(2023): Using social media records to inform conservation planning. Conservation Biology

Chowdhury, Shawan, Zalucki, Myron P., Amano, Tatsuya, Poch, Tomas J., Lin, Mu-Ming, Ohwaki, Atsushi, Lin, Da-Li, Yang, Li, Choi, Sei-Woong, Jennions, Michael D., Fuller, Richard A.

(2022): Trends and progress in studying butterfly migration. Integrative Conservation
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