Gabriella Damasceno

sPlot Coordinator

Research Interests


I'm an applied ecologist interested in the possibilities offered by big data to guide the conservation, management and restoration of plant communities, specially tropical savannas.

Curriculum Vitae


2018 - 2022: PhD in Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity, São Paulo State University, Brazil
2015 - 2017: Master's in Ecology and Biodiversity, São Paulo State University, Brazil
2008 - 2012: Undergraduation in Biological Sciences - University of Brasília, Brazil

Selected Publications



García-Díaz, P., Montti, L., Powell, P. A., Phimister, E., Pizarro, J. C., ..., Damasceno, G., ... & Lambin, X. (2022). Identifying Priorities, Targets, and Actions for the Long-term Social and Ecological Management of Invasive Non-Native Species. Environmental management, 69(1), 140-153.


García-Díaz, P., Cassey, P., Norbury, G., Lambin, X., Montti, L., ..., Damasceno, G., ... & Tomasevic, J. A. (2021). Management policies for invasive alien species: addressing the impacts rather than the species. BioScience, 71(2), 174-185.


Damasceno, G., & Fidelis, A. (2020). Abundance of invasive grasses is dependent on fire regime and climatic conditions in tropical savannas. Journal of Environmental Management, 271, 111016.

Lambin, X., Burslem, D., Caplat, P., Cornulier, T., Damasceno, G., Fasola, L., ... & Verdugo, C. (2020). CONTAIN: Optimising the long-term management of invasive alien species using adaptive management. NeoBiota.


Damasceno, G., Souza, L., Pivello, V. R., Gorgone-Barbosa, E., Giroldo, P. Z., & Fidelis, A. (2018). Impact of invasive grasses on Cerrado under natural regeneration. Biological Invasions, 20(12), 3621-3629.

Dornelas, M., Antao, L. H., Moyes, F., Bates, A. E., Magurran, A. E., Adam, D., ... & Murphy, G. (2018). BioTIME: A database of biodiversity time series for the Anthropocene. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 27(7), 760-786.

iDiv publications


Laughlin, Daniel C., Siefert, Andrew, Fleri, Jesse R., Tumber-Dávila, Shersingh Joseph, Hammond, William M., Sabatini, Francesco Maria, Damasceno, Gabriella, Aubin, Isabelle, Field, Richard, Hatim, Mohamed Z., Jansen, Steven, Lenoir, Jonathan, Lens, Frederic, McCarthy, James K., Niinemets, Ülo, Phillips, Oliver L., Attorre, Fabio, Bergeron, Yves, Bruun, Hans Henrik, Byun, Chaeho, Ćušterevska, Renata, Dengler, Jürgen, De Sanctis, Michele, Dolezal, Jiri, Jiménez-Alfaro, Borja, Hérault, Bruno, Homeier, Jürgen, Kattge, Jens, Meir, Patrick, Mencuccini, Maurizio, Noroozi, Jalil, Nowak, Arkadiusz, Peñuelas, Josep, Schmidt, Marco, Škvorc, Željko, Sultana, Fahmida, Ugarte, Rosina Magaña, Bruelheide, Helge

(2023): Rooting depth and xylem vulnerability are independent woody plant traits jointly selected by aridity, seasonality, and water table depth. New Phytologist

Sabatini, Francesco Maria, Hähn, Georg, Speziale, Karina, Cingolani, Ana María, Damasceno, Gabriella, Bruelheide, Helge

(2023): Vegetation of Southern Patagonia in the 1970s – Digitization of a gray-literature data set as a monitoring baseline in a changing world. Journal of Vegetation Science
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