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Yang, Songyu, Angst, Gerrit, Jandová, Kateřina, Kukla, Jaroslav, Meador, Travis B., Paterson, Eric, Jílková, Veronika

(2023): Early- and later-stage priming effects induced by spruce root fractions are regulated by substrate availability, stoichiometry and C input. Geoderma

Mudrák, Ondřej, Angst, Šárka, Angst, Gerrit, Veselá, Hana, Schnablová, Renáta, Herben, Tomáš, Frouz, Jan

(2023): Ecological significance of standing dead phytomass: Marcescence as a puzzle piece to the nutrient cycle in temperate ecosystems. Journal of Ecology

Jílková, V., Adámek, M., Angst, G., Tůmová, M., Devetter, M.

(2023): Post-fire forest floor succession in a Central European temperate forest depends on organic matter input from recovering vegetation rather than on pyrogenic carbon input from fire. Science of The Total Environment

Eisenhauer, Nico, Angst, Gerrit, Asato, Ana E B, Beugnon, Rémy, Bönisch, Elisabeth, Cesarz, Simone, Dietrich, Peter, Jurburg, Stephanie D, Madaj, Anna-Maria, Reuben, Rine C, Ristok, Christian, Sünnemann, Marie, Yi, Huimin, Guerra, Carlos A, Hines, Jes

(2023): The heterogeneity–diversity–system performance nexus. National Science Review

Angst, Gerrit, Mueller, Kevin E., Castellano, Michael J., Vogel, Cordula, Wiesmeier, Martin, Mueller, Carsten W.

(2023): Unlocking complex soil systems as carbon sinks: multi-pool management as the key. Nature Communications

Angst, Š., Veselá, H., Bartuška, M., Jílková, V., Frouz, J. and Angst, G.

(2022): Changes in the quality of marcescent and shed senescent leaves during the dormant season. Plant and Soil

Angst, G., Lichner, L., Csecserits, A., Emsens, W.-J., van Diggelen, R., Veselá, H., Cajthaml, T., Frouz, J.

(2022): Controls on labile and stabilized soil organic matter during long-term ecosystem development. Geoderma

Angst, G., Frouz, J., van Groenigen, J. W., Scheu, S., Kögel-Knabner, I. and Eisenhauer, N.

(2022): Earthworms as catalysts in the formation and stabilization of soil microbial necromass. Global Change Biology
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