Lena Sachsenmaier

Doctoral Researcher

Research Interests


I am interested in understanding biodiversity-ecosystem-functioning relationships in forests and agroforestry systems in order to support sustainable management and conservation strategies.

My current research takes a dynamic perspective on biodiversity signals in the hierarchical interactions between the shrub and the tree layer - focussing on growth and growth stability responses in a tree diversity experiment (BEF-China) as part of the DFG International Research Training Group TreeDì - 林地.

Short CV


  • since 08/2021: Doctoral Researcher in the International Research Training Group TreeDì, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig
  • 11/2020–07/2021: Teacher at secondary school (Biology and Geography), Cologne, Germany
  • 05/2019–10/2020: Teacher Trainee at secondary school (Biology and Geography), Cologne, Germany
  • 01/2018–05/2018: Research stay at University of Jambi (Sumatra), Indonesia
  • 10/2015–12/2018: Master (of Ed.) Biology and Geography, University of Cologne, Germany
    Thesis: “The Effect of Tree Enrichment in an Oil Palm Plantation on the Biodiversity of the Understorey Vegetation”
  • 08/2013–03/2014: Semester abroad at University of Salamanca, Spain
  • 10/2011–05/2015: Bachelor (of Ed.) Biology and Geography, University of Trier, Germany
    Thesis: “Miscanthus als Substrat für die Biogasgewinnung – Konsequenzen für den Nährstoffhaushalt der Bestände”

iDiv publications


Montoya-Sánchez, Vannesa, Kreft, Holger, Arimond, Isabelle, Ballauff, Johannes, Berkelmann, Dirk, Brambach, Fabian, Daniel, Rolf, Grass, Ingo, Hines, Jes, Hölscher, Dirk, Irawan, Bambang, Krause, Alena, Polle, Andrea, Potapov, Anton, Sachsenmaier, Lena, Scheu, Stefan, Sundawati, Leti, Tscharntke, Teja, Zemp, Delphine Clara, Guerrero-Ramírez, Nathaly

(2023): Landscape heterogeneity and soil biota are central to multi-taxa diversity for oil palm landscape restoration. Communications Earth & Environment

Li, K., Grass, I., Zemp, D. C., Lorenz, H., Sachsenmaier, L., Nurdiansyah, F., Hölscher, D., Kreft, H., Tscharntke, T.

(2023): Tree identity and canopy openness mediate oil palm biodiversity enrichment effects on insect herbivory and pollination. Ecological Applications

Zemp, Delphine Clara, Guerrero-Ramirez, Nathaly, Brambach, Fabian, Darras, Kevin, Grass, Ingo, Potapov, Anton, Röll, Alexander, Arimond, Isabelle, Ballauff, Johannes, Behling, Hermann, Berkelmann, Dirk, Biagioni, Siria, Buchori, Damayanti, Craven, Dylan, Daniel, Rolf, Gailing, Oliver, Ellsäßer, Florian, Fardiansah, Riko, Hennings, Nina, Irawan, Bambang, Khokthong, Watit, Krashevska, Valentyna, Krause, Alena, Kückes, Johanna, Li, Kevin, Lorenz, Hendrik, Maraun, Mark, Merk, Miryam Sarah, Moura, Carina C. M., Mulyani, Yeni A., Paterno, Gustavo B., Pebrianti, Herni Dwinta, Polle, Andrea, Prameswari, Di Ajeng, Sachsenmaier, Lena, Scheu, Stefan, Schneider, Dominik, Setiajiati, Fitta, Setyaningsih, Christina Ani, Sundawati, Leti, Tscharntke, Teja, Wollni, Meike, Hölscher, Dirk, Kreft, Holger

(2023): Tree islands enhance biodiversity and functioning in oil palm landscapes. Nature
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