Hannah Moersberger

Science-Policy Coordinator / Postdoc (ESS) (on leave)
Science-Policy Coordination
Biodiversity and People

Research Interests


I am interested in the complexity of interconnections between humans and biodiversity, particularly from an anthropological and policy angle. I am trying to better understand synergies and trade-offs of biodiversity-related goals and targets from global to local scales, as well as the policy impact and policy communication of biodiversity science.
Currently I am working at the science-policy-society interface of biodiversity monitoring data within the project EuropaBON. Here, I help assess user and policy needs of biodiversity monitoring data and look at bottlenecks of current monitoring schemes across Europe. To do this, we engage stakeholders from academia, non-profit and for-profit sectors as well as the governments.
Overall, EuropaBON aims to design a new biodiversity monitoring framework to help coordinate and harmonize biodiversity monitoring across Europe. It also aims to design improved monitoring schemes able to integrate in-situ and remote sensing data through models, and using novel technologies, to deliver more complete and less biased biodiversity information with multiple benefits to users and society.



Since 2021EuropaBON project, academic staff

User and policy needs assessment of biodiversity monitoring data in Europe
2015 – 2021

Future Earth Paris (global sustainability science platform)

Deputy director, previously science officer

Lead of the capacity building strategy and activities, in particular for early career professionals; lead coordinator of the Natural Assets Knowledge-Action Network; liaison to the African region; liaison to three Global Research Projects

2018 – 2021Global Sustainability Scholars Program
Member of the Executive Advisory Board
05/15 – 09/15Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Eschborn
Consultant on Biodiversity, Climate and Forest in Africa
2013 – 2015Stiftung der deutschen Wirtschaft (sdw) – scholarship, alumna




2013 – 2015Institut d’Études politiques de Paris (Sciences Po Paris)
Master of Arts in Environmental Policy

2009 – 2013

University of Bayreuth
Bachelor of Arts in Applied African Studies


iDiv publications


Norström, Albert V., Agarwal, Bina, Balvanera, Patricia, Baptiste, Brigitte, Bennett, Elena M., Brondízio, Eduardo, Biggs, Reinette, Campbell, Bruce, Carpenter, Stephen R., Castilla, Juan Carlos, Castro, Antonio J., Cramer, Wolfgang, Cumming, Graeme S., Felipe-Lucia, María, Fischer, Joern, Folke, Carl, DeFries, Ruth, Gelcich, Stefan, Groth, Juliane, Ifejika Speranza, Chinwe, Jacobs, Sander, Hofmann, Johanna, Hughes, Terry P., Lam, David P. M., Loos, Jacqueline, Manyani, Amanda, Martín-López, Berta, Meacham, Megan, Moersberger, Hannah, Nagendra, Harini, Pereira, Laura, Polasky, Stephen, Schoon, Michael, Schultz, Lisen, Selomane, Odirilwe, Spierenburg, Marja

(2022): The programme on ecosystem change and society (PECS) – a decade of deepening social-ecological research through a place-based focus. Ecosystems and People
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