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The interdisciplinary of my interests forged an unusual career path. I first studied informatics in a 2 year formal technical education, then I graduated in Conservation Biology in Brazil. Later, I came to Switzerland and pursued my Master in Environmental Sciences at ETH. My master thesis was conducted at the theoretical biology group, with major in Ecology and Evolution at the department of integrative biology. After the Master’s I left Switzerland and worked on public and private sectors. Back in the land I obtained my Doctor of Science, where I investigated the role of past environmental conditions and eco-evolutionary feedbacks on the emergence of biodiversity. I developed an eco-evolutionary simulations framework gen3sis, available as an R-package. Combining it with new paleoenvironmental reconstructions and multiple biodiversity data, I could tackle a few, of the many unlocked potentially addressable scientific questions.

Scientific career


07.2016 – 01.2021

Doctor of Sciences: Environmental Sciences

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich, ETH, Switzerland
Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research, WSL, Switzerland

09.2010 – 09.2013

Master in Environmental Sciences: Ecology and Evolution

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, ETH, Switzerland

03.2006 – 12.2009

Bachelor in Biology: Conservation Biology

Federal University of São Carlos - campus Sorocaba, UFSCAR, Brazil

01.2005 – 12.2007

Vocational and Technical Education: Informatics – Communications Networking

SENAI Swiss-Brazilian - Regional Department of São Paulo, SENAI/DR/SP, Brazil

Research fields


Biodiversity Modeling

Conservation Biology

Environmental Sciences

Eco-evolutionary Dynamics

Selected publications


O Hagen, B Flueck, F Fopp, JS Cabral, F Hartig, M Pontarp, TF Rangel, L Pellissier (2021) gen3sis: the general engine for eco-evolutionary simulations on the origins of biodiversity. bioRxiv

 A Eyres, JT Eronen, O Hagen, K Böhning‐Gaese, SA Fritz (2021) Climatic effects on niche evolution in a passerine bird clade depend on paleoclimate reconstruction method. Evolution

 G Yannic, O Hagen, F Leugger, D.N. Karger, L Pellissier (2020) Harnessing paleo-environmental modeling and genetic data to predict intraspecific genetic structure. Evolutionary Applications

 GFA Donati, V Parravicini, F Leprieur, O Hagen, T Gaboriau, C Heine, M Kulbicki, J Rolland, N Salamin, C Albouy, L Pellissier (2019) A process‐based model supports an association between dispersal and the prevalence of species traits in tropical reef fish assemblages. Ecography

 M Gerecke*, O Hagen*, J Bolliger, AM Hersperger, F Kienast, B Price, L Pellissier (2019) Assessing potential landscape service trade-offs driven by urbanization in Switzerland. Palgrave Communications

 O Hagen, L Vaterlaus, C Albouy, A Brown, F Leugger, RE Onstein, C Novaes de Santana, CR Scotese, L Pellissier (2019) Mountain building, climate cooling and the richness of cold‐adapted plants in the Northern Hemisphere. Journal of Biogeography

iDiv publications


Keggin, T., Waldock, C., Skeels, A., Hagen, O., Albouy, C., Manel, S., Pellissier, L.

(2023): Diversity across organisational scale emerges through dispersal ability and speciation dynamics in tropical fish. Bmc Biology

Boschman, Lydian M., Carraro, Luca, Cassemiro, Fernanda A. S., de Vries, Jorad, Altermatt, Florian, Hagen, Oskar, Hoorn, Carina, Pellissier, Loïc

(2023): Freshwater fish diversity in the western Amazon basin shaped by Andean uplift since the Late Cretaceous. Nature Ecology & Evolution

Skeels, A., Boschman, L. M., McFadden, I. R., Joyce, E. M., Hagen, O., Jiménez Robles, O., Bach, W., Boussange, V., Keggin, T., Jetz, W., Pellissier, L.

(2023): Paleoenvironments shaped the exchange of terrestrial vertebrates across Wallace’s Line. Science

Li, X.-Q., Xiang, X.-G., Jabbour, F., Hagen, O., Ortiz, R. d. C., Soltis, P. S., Soltis, D. E., Wang, W.

(2022): Biotic colonization of subtropical East Asian caves through time. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Hagen, O.

(2022): Coupling eco-evolutionary mechanisms with deep-time environmental dynamics to understand biodiversity patterns. Ecography

Skeels, A., Bach, W., Hagen, O., Jetz, W., Pellissier, L.

(2022): Temperature-Dependent Evolutionary Speed Shapes the Evolution of Biodiversity Patterns Across Tetrapod Radiations. Systematic Biology

Hagen, O., Skeels, A., Onstein, R. E., Jetz, W., Pellissier, L.

(2021): Earth history events shaped the evolution of uneven biodiversity across tropical moist forests. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
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