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Rapinski, M., Raymond, R., Davy, D., Herrmann, T., Bedell, J.-P., Ka, A., Odonne, G., Chanteloup, L., Lopez, P. J., Foulquier, É., da Silva, E. F., El Deghel, N., Boëtsch, G., Coxam, V., Joliet, F., Guihard-Costa, A.-M., Tibère, L., Nazare, J.-A., Duboz, P.

(2023): Local Food Systems under Global Influence: The Case of Food, Health and Environment in Five Socio-Ecosystems. Sustainability

Degai, T., Petrov, A. N., Badhe, R., Egede Dahl, P. P., Döring, N., Dudeck, S., Herrmann, T. M., Golovnev, A., Mack, L., Omma, E. M., Retter, G.-B., Saxinger, G., Scheepstra, A. J. M., Shadrin, C. V., Shorty, N. and Strawhacker, C.

(2022): Shaping Arctic’s Tomorrow through Indigenous Knowledge Engagement and Knowledge Co-Production. Sustainability
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