Dr Thora Herrmann

Postdoctoral Researcher

iDiv publications


Rapinski, M., Raymond, R., Davy, D., Herrmann, T., Bedell, J.-P., Ka, A., Odonne, G., Chanteloup, L., Lopez, P. J., Foulquier, É., da Silva, E. F., El Deghel, N., Boëtsch, G., Coxam, V., Joliet, F., Guihard-Costa, A.-M., Tibère, L., Nazare, J.-A., Duboz, P.

(2023): Local Food Systems under Global Influence: The Case of Food, Health and Environment in Five Socio-Ecosystems. Sustainability

Herrmann, T. M., Chanteloup, L., Joliet, F.

(2023): Participatory Video: One Contemporary Way for Cree and Inuit Adolescents to Relate to the Land in Nunavik. Arctic

Degai, T., Petrov, A. N., Badhe, R., Egede Dahl, P. P., Döring, N., Dudeck, S., Herrmann, T. M., Golovnev, A., Mack, L., Omma, E. M., Retter, G.-B., Saxinger, G., Scheepstra, A. J. M., Shadrin, C. V., Shorty, N. and Strawhacker, C.

(2022): Shaping Arctic’s Tomorrow through Indigenous Knowledge Engagement and Knowledge Co-Production. Sustainability
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