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Chase, J. M., Liebergesell, M., Sagouis, A., May, F., Blowes, S. A., et al. (2019): FragSAD: A database of diversity and species abundance distributions from habitat fragments. Ecology 100(12) e02861.

iDiv publications


Grenié, M., Berti, E., Carvajal-Quintero, J., Dädlow, G. M. L., Sagouis, A. and Winter, M.

(2022): Harmonizing taxon names in biodiversity data: A review of tools, databases and best practices. Methods in Ecology and Evolution

Blowes, S. A., Daskalova, G. N., Dornelas, M., Engel, T., Gotelli, N. J., Magurran, A. E., Martins, I. S., McGill, B., McGlinn, D. J., Sagouis, A., Shimadzu, H., Supp, S. R., Chase, J. M.

(2022): Local biodiversity change reflects interactions among changing abundance, evenness, and richness. Ecology

Musseau, C. L., Onandia, G., Petermann, J. S., Sagouis, A., Lischeid, G., Jeschke, J. M.

(2022): Nonlinear effects of environmental drivers shape macroinvertebrate biodiversity in an agricultural pondscape. Ecology and Evolution

L. Gooriah, S. A. Blowes, A. Sagouis, J. Schrader, D. N. Karger, H. Kreft, J. M. Chase

(2021): Synthesis reveals that island species–area relationships emerge from processes beyond passive sampling. Global Ecology and Biogeography
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