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Sanaei, Anvar, Herrmann, Hartmut, Alshaabi, Loreen, Beck, Jan, Ferlian, Olga, Fomba, Khanneh Wadinga, Haferkorn, Sylvia, van Pinxteren, Manuela, Quaas, Johannes, Quosh, Julius, Rabe, René, Wirth, Christian, Eisenhauer, Nico, Weigelt, Alexandra

(2023): Changes in biodiversity impact atmospheric chemistry and climate through plant volatiles and particles. Communications Earth & Environment

Dietrich, P., Ferlian, O., Huang, Y., Luo, S., Quosh, J., Eisenhauer, N.

(2022): Tree diversity effects on productivity depend on mycorrhizae and life strategies in a temperate forest experiment. Ecology
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