Angelos Amyntas

Doctoral Researcher

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Dyer, Alexander, Ryser, Remo, Brose, Ulrich, Amyntas, Angelos, Bodnar, Nora, Boy, Thomas, Franziska Bucher, Solveig, Cesarz, Simone, Eisenhauer, Nico, Gebler, Alban, Hines, Jes, Kyba, Christopher C. M., Menz, Myles H. M., Rackwitz, Karl, Shatwell, Tom, Terlau, Jördis F., Hirt, Myriam R.

(2023): Insect communities under skyglow: diffuse night-time illuminance induces spatio-temporal shifts in movement and predation. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

Terlau, J. F., Brose, U., Eisenhauer, N., Amyntas, A., Boy, T., Dyer, A., Gebler, A., Hof, C., Liu, T., Scherber, C., Schlägel, U. E., Schmidt, A., Hirt, M. R.

(2023): Microhabitat conditions remedy heat stress effects on insect activity. Global Change Biology

Amyntas, Angelos, Berti, Emilio, Gauzens, Benoit, Albert, Georg, Yu, Wentao, Werner, Alexandra S., Eisenhauer, Nico, Brose, Ulrich

(2023): Niche complementarity among plants and animals can alter the biodiversity–ecosystem functioning relationship. Functional Ecology

Jochum, M., Barnes, A. D., Brose, U., Gauzens, B., Sünnemann, M., Amyntas, A., Eisenhauer, N.

(2021): For flux's sake: General considerations for energy-flux calculations in ecological communities. Ecology and Evolution
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