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O. Comay, O. Ben Yehuda, R. Schwartz-Tzachor, D. Benyamini, I. Pe'er, I. Ktalav, G. Pe'er

(2021): Environmental controls on butterfly occurrence and species richness in Israel: The importance of temperature over rainfall. Ecology and Evolution

R. van Klink, D. E. Bowler, O. Comay, M. M. Driessen, S. K. M. Ernest, A. Gentile, F. Gilbert, K. B. Gongalsky, J. Owen, G. Pe'er, I. Pe'er, V. H. Resh, I. Rochlin, S. Schuch, A. B. Swengel, S. R. Swengel, T. J. Valone, R. Vermeulen, T. Wepprich, J. L. Wiedmann, J. M. Chase

(2021): InsectChange: a global database of temporal changes in insect and arachnid assemblages. Ecology

Comay, O., Ben Yehuda, O., Benyamini, D., Schwartz-Tzachor, R., Pe'er, I., Melochna, T., Pe’er, G.

(2020): Analysis of monitoring data where butterflies fly year-round. Ecological Applications

Zaitzove-Raz, M., Comay, O., Motro, Y., Dayan, T.

(2020): Barn owls as biological control agents: potential risks to non-target rare and endangered species. Animal Conservation
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