German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv)

Protocols and Data Policy

Every week observers across the globe record leaf out, flowering, fruiting and senescence in over 300 herbaceous plant species.

Additionaly, we measure plant traits and record temperature and precipitation in all participating gardens.

The templates for data entry are available for download here.

You can find an overview on the species that are monitored in the specific gardens here.

The PhenObs protocol was published in January 2021 and is available open access:
Nordt, B., Hensen, I., Bucher, S. F., Freiberg, M., Primack, R. B., Stevens, A.-D., Bonn, A., Wirth, C., Jakubka, D., Plos, C., Sporbert, M., and Römermann, C. (2021). The PhenObs initiative – A standardised protocol for monitoring phenological responses to climate change using herbaceous plant species in botanical gardens. Functional Ecology

Use the icons below to view detailed descriptions of the PhenObs protocols and Data Policy.

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