“Frankfurter Erklärung” on the protection of biodiversity

Joint position paper of renowned researchers

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(photo: Irene Bender)

Animals and fungi foster forest multifunctionality

Study based on ten years of research in subtropical forests

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(Photo: Sabine Both)

Plenty of habitat for bears in Europe

Brown bears could live in an additional 380,000 square kilometres.

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(photo: Adam Wajrak)

Mites travel in slugs’ guts

Newly discovered dispersal strategy.

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(photo: Andy Murray)


06.08.18 | Media Release, TOP NEWS, iDiv
01.08.18 | Media Release, TOP NEWS, iDiv Members
24.07.18 | Biodiversity Conservation, Media Release, TOP NEWS

Double lecture by Nico Eisenhauer (iDiv) and René Sievert (NABU), followed by the opening of the travelling exhibition of the UN Decade on Biodiversity.
27 August, 6pm, Bio City Leipzig
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20 Aug yDiv Summer School (non-public) Location: iDiv core centre Leipzig
20 Aug sDiv working group sTWIST Location: iDiv
23 Aug MIE Journal Club (public) 03.00 pm - 04.00 pm Location: Niche, iDiv core centre Leipzig
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