How does the loss of species alter ecosystems?

The iDiv Ecotron will provide insights into interactions among species.

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(Photo: Stephan Bernhardt, iDiv)

PopBio 2017: Interview with iDiv co-director

On the occasion of the PopBio conference hosted by UFZ / MLU / iDiv, Prof Helge Bruelheide talks about invasive species, evolution and climate change.

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(Photo: Stephan Bernhardt, iDiv)

Picky fruit-eating birds are more flexible

During a specific time of the year, some birds in South America only feed on a singe type of fruit. But they readily cope without it, too.

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(Photo: Dominic Sherony / Wikipedia,CC BY-SA 2.0)

Estimating the size of animal populations

New analytical method for using data from camera traps.

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(Photo: Paul Cools /


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