Inaugural Lecture of iDiv Professors

On Tuesday, 24 November, Aletta Bonn, Professor of Ecosystem Services, Nicole M. van Dam, Professor of Molecular Interaction Ecology, and Ulrich Brose, Professor of Theory in Biodiversity Science, held their inaugural lecture at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. More information (in German) ›

Nature-based Solutions to Climate Change in Urban Areas

Climate change has significant impact on society and biodiversity in Europe. Urban inhabitants are most likely to experience climate change effects directly because currently 73 per cent of Europeans live in urban areas. More information:
Photo: Inês Cabral

Climate change shifts the tallest trees on earth

Climate change will shift the distribution area of coast redwoods in California about 70 to 200 kilometers to the north. This is the result of a study which analyzed historic climate data in order to make more accurate ecological predictions possible from global climate models. read more ›
Photo: Save The Redwoods League

Biodiversity during climate extremes

Can biodiversity help protect ecosystems from extreme conditions? Now, a study of 46 grasslands in North America and Europe points to a promising answer: Increasing plant diversity decreases the extent to which extremely wet or dry conditions disrupt grassland productivity. The study appeared in "Nature". Read more.

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Find more information about the iDiv Annual Conference 2015 here.


02 Dec iDiv Annual Conference 2015
02 Dec Seminar Series with Boris Worm 10.30 am - 12.00 pm
04 Dec EvoHack 2015 – Evolution and Adaptation
09 Dec Seminar Series with Klaus Humbeck 12.30 pm - 02.00 pm
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