Le Prix La Recherche 2016

sDiv paper about the symbiosis between fungi and trees awarded in Paris

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(Photo: Tobias Wagner/iDiv)

Everywhere the same species

Intensive agriculture makes our landscapes more monotonous, a new study in "Nature" reports.

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(Photo: Beatrix Schnabel)

Six iDiv members on the list of ‘Highly Cited Researchers 2016’

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(Photo: Stefan Bernhardt/iDiv)

With a little help from my fungus

Tomato plants are more resistant against infections with nematodes when colonized by a fungus.

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iDiv flexpool – open positions

Open positions for doctoral researchers and postdocs
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09 Jan sDiv working group sToichNutNet II Location: iDiv House
31 Jan sDiv working group sMonodominance Location: iDiv House
06 Feb sDiv working group sAPROPOS Location: iDiv House
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