Identify Essential Biodiversity Variables for Remote Sensing

A GEO BON working group, lead by Prof. Andrew K. Skidmore of the University of Twente and including Prof. Henrique M. Pereira from iDiv, has just published a Comment in Nature. More › (Photo: Egmont National Park, New Zealand/NASA Earth Observatory)

Pushing boundaries with vision

"I want to find out about the biological variety and dynamics taking place below the ground: how organisms cooperate or compete with one another and what impact this microcosm has on the plants rooted in the ground." Prof. Nico Eisenhauer/Head of Experimental Interaction Research Group

(Photo: Christian Hüller/Leipzig University)



Flying scouts

High tech in the name of research: drones help iDiv experts gather data in the field. What used to take a lot of time and effort to get through can now be overflown in a jiffy. The unmanned flying objects send images of the animal and plant population as well as of the ecological condition of the landscape straight to the scientists. This photo was taken in Portugal, where the Biodiversity and Conservation research unit headed up by Henrique Pereira first used a drone for test purposes.

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23 Aug iDiv Summer School
07 Sep sDiv Workshop: sFIND - Functional Information: its potential for quantifying biodiversity and its relation to ecosystem functioning
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