New Nature Paper:
Scarcity of Multiple Resources Increases Biodiversity

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(Photo: Raul Ochoa Hueso)

Agriculture has the Chance to Help or Hinder Pollinators

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Biodiversity Research in 5 Minutes

What is biodiversity? On what topics does the iDiv research focus on? What does the "i" in iDiv mean? A short film answers these questions and explains what integrative biodiversity research means for us. View film › 

First sDiv Call for Catalyst Postdocs is now OPEN!

sDiv Call for Catalyst Postdocs is now open!
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26 Sep MSCJ Autumn School 2016 Location: Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry, Jena
10 Oct sDiv working group sFDVent Location: iDiv House
24 Oct sDiv working group sPLOT III Location: iDiv House
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