ERC Starting Grant to Prof. Eisenhauer

The EUR 1.5 million Starting Grant of the European Research Council is awarded to study the effects of European earthworms in North America. Read more ›
(Photo: Christian Hüller/Leipzig University)



Humboldt Professorship Tiffany Knight appointed

Prof. Dr. Tiffany Knight received her certificate of appointment and will officially start as a professor at the Martin
Luther University Halle-Wittenberg in the beginning of February. The iDiv reseacher, who is also affiliated to the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), was awarded an Alexander von Humboldt Professorship, which is one of the most prestigious research awards in Germany. Read more › (Photo: André Künzelmann/UFZ)

Communities rich in species are healthier and more productive

An international group of scientists has solved this long-standing ecological riddle now. (Photo: Peter Adler, Utah State University) More in our press releases ›

Spectrum of Plant Form and Function

In the evolution of vascular plants their size and the blueprint of its leaves were particularly important. A lot of the possible combinations of features remains unused in today's plants. A recent study of iDiv scientists in Nature is based on the global database of plant trait (TRY) and analyzes the most of these important features. More in our press releases ›

Photo: Dracaena draco, Tilo Arnhold/iDiv

Biodiversity Research in 5 Minutes

What is biodiversity? On what topics does the iDiv research focus on? What does the "i" in iDiv mean? A short film answers these questions and explains what integrative biodiversity research means for us. View film › 


03.02.16 | TOP NEWS, Experimental Interaction Ecology
01.02.16 | TOP NEWS
Fourth sDiv Call for Working Groups - now open!

Fourth sDiv Call for Working Groups - now open!
Find more information here ›


10 Feb Seminar Series with Frank Schreiber 12.30 pm - 02.00 pm
22 Feb sDiv working group sChange
24 Feb sCHANGE Lightning Talks 12.30 pm - 02.00 pm
29 Mar sDiv working group sCAFE
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