Native plant seeds – essential, but rare

Needed for successful ecosystem restoration, yet not available for many species. Read more ›

(Photo: Emma Ladouceur)

Anthrax: a hidden threat to wildlife in the tropics

Researchers illuminate the epidemiology of a cryptic pathogen more ›

(Photo: MPI EVA/ L. Samuni)

Species richness - a false friend?

Scientists propose a new method for improving the assessment of changes in biodiversity more ›

(Photo: Gernot Kunz)


16.08.17 | GEO BON, Research, TOP NEWS
02.08.17 | TOP NEWS, Media Releases, Sustainability and Complexity in Ape Habitat

iDiv Summer School 2017
3–15 September, Leipzig
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25 Aug Talk of Susan Harrison (public) 01.00 pm - 02.00 pm Location: BBZ Lecture Hall, Leipzig
31 Aug EIE Seminar: Trophic structure and biodiversity in subtropical forests - insights from BEF-China 10.00 am - 12.00 pm Location: Red Queen
03 Sep iDiv Summer School Location: Leipzig
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