World-changing invaders

The spread of species to non-native regions poses one of the greatest environmental challenges of our time. An international research team including iDiv scientist Dr Marten Winter has now presented a new collection of data which lists characteristics and geographical data for over 13,000 alien plant species. more ›
(Montage: Daniel L. Nickrent/SIU)

Strengthening collaborations within iDiv

After the Congress for Conservation Biology in Montpellier in August, members of the iDiv research groups “Biodiversity Conservation” and “Sustainability and Complexity in Ape Habitat” held a joint workshop in the Pyrenees to discuss collaborations in current and future projects. (Photo: Maria Voigt/iDiv)

Pushing boundaries with vision

"I want to find out about the biological variety and dynamics taking place below the ground: how organisms cooperate or compete with one another and what impact this microcosm has on the plants rooted in the ground." Prof. Nico Eisenhauer/Head of Experimental Interaction Research Group

(Photo: Christian Hüller/Leipzig University)



iDiv Summer School 2015 – Biodiversity Synthesis (©


07 Sep sDiv Workshop: sFIND - Functional Information: its potential for quantifying biodiversity and its relation to ecosystem functioning
23 Sep sEpiDiv II
08 Oct yDiv Retreat
30 Dec sMarD - sDiv Workshop 3.8 10.00 am - 06.00 pm
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