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MIE scores a publication hattrick in Frontiers in Plant Sciences

MIE scores a publication hattrick in Frontiers in Plant Sciences

Photo: Alexander Weinhold

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Over the last weeks, several MIE members got the good news that their papers would be accepted in the Open Access Journal “Frontiers in Plant Science”. Rebekka Sontowski and Axel Touw each published a paper as first authors on the chemical and molecular interactions between cabbage root fly and Brassica plants.  Anne Mädicke supported the gene expression analyses, and former lab members Nicola Gorringe, Arletys Verdecia Mogena, Stefanie Pencs and Tomonori Tsunoda were also involved. In addition, Katharina Grosser, Andreas Schedl and Nicole van Dam also served as co-authors in a paper from the Jacqueline Bede lab at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Nice score MIE!

Links to the papers:

Rebekka Sontowski, Nicola J. Gorringe, Stefanie Pencs, Andreas Schedl, Axel J. Touw & Nicole M. van Dam (2019). Same Difference? Low and high glucosinolate Brassica rapa varieties show similar responses upon feeding by two specialist root herbivores. Frontiers in Plant Science 10.


Axel J. Touw, Arletys Verdecia Mogena, Anne Maedicke, Rebekka Sontowski, Nicole M. van Dam & Tomonori Tsunoda (2019). Both biosynthesis and transport are involved in glucosinolate accumulation during root-herbivory in Brassica rapa. Frontiers in Plant Science 10.


Julian Martinez Henao, Louis Erik Demers, Katharina Grosser, Andreas Schedl, Nicole M. van Dam & Jacqueline C. Bede (2019). Fertilizer rate-associated increase in foliar jasmonate burst observed in wounded Arabidopsis thaliana leaves is attenuated at eCO2. Frontiers in Plant Science.


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