12.02.2019 | MIE Group News

Radio interview on optimal timing of induced responses

Picture: Pia Backmann

Picture: Pia Backmann

Former iDiv PhD student Dr Pia Backmann was interviewed on RadioEins on her modeling paper in American Naturalist.  Pia explains how native tobacco plants can use their caterpillars to beat the competition by inducing not too fast. The paper resulted from a collaborative project initiated by Nicole van Dam (MIE iDiv/FSU Jena) and was co-authored by iDiv members Volker Grimm (UFZ) and Ian Baldwin (MPI-CE). Click here to hear the radio interview with Pia (in German).

Original publication: 
Pia Backmann, Volker Grimm, Gottfried Jetschke, Yue Lin, Matthijs Vos, Ian T. Baldwin, and Nicole M. van Dam (2019): Delayed Chemical Defense: Timely Expulsion of Herbivores Can Reduce Competition with Neighboring Plants. The American Naturalist 193:1, 125-139. https://doi.org/10.1086/700577.

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