24.04.2017 | MIE Group News

MIE welcomes Bob Raijmakers

Bob Raijmakers

Bob Raijmakers

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Bob Raijmakers is a MSc student in Biology at the Radboud University Nijmegen. The focus of his master is on plant-herbivore interactions.  In his first master thesis he  investigated the role of phytohormones in slug-induced defences in Solanum dulcamara, at the Department of Molecular Interaction Ecology at the Radboud University.  Currently, he is working on his second MSc thesis which is performed at iDiv/MIE, focusing on interactions between root and shoot insect herbivores feeding on Brassica rapa plants. During his stay at iDiv he will perform a series of bioassays to assess the ecological consequences of root herbivory by the root fly larvae (Delia radicum) on the performance of different shoot herbivore species.

When asked of his expectations, Bob replied: "By the end of my stay at iDiv I will gain a lot of experience on conducting large-scale experiments and will have many opportunities to come into contact with experts in my field of studies, which will definitely contribute to my future career path."

Bob Raijmakers is supervised by Galini Papadopoulou.
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