16.06.2017 | sDiv News

International Synthesis Consortium publishes second paper!

The working group of the International Synthesis Consortium (ISC) just published their second paper on Synthesis Centers as Critical Research Infrastructure in BioScience! You can find the paper here.

Baron, J.S., Specht, A., Garnier, E., Bishop, P., Campbell, C.A., Davis, F.W., Fady, B., Field, D., Gross, L.J., Guru, S.M., Halpern, B.S., Hampton, S.E., Leavitt, P.R., Meagher, T.R., Ometto, J., Parker, J.N., Price, R., Rawson, C.H., Rodrigo, A., Sheble, L.A. & Winter, M. (2017) Synthesis Centers as Critical Research Infrastructure. BioScience.    

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