01.12.2016 | MIE Group News

Review article Galini Papadopoulou Open Access thanks to Ecological Society of Japan

Inducible defense responses

Inducible defense responses and their effects on insect herbivores in Brassica spp. (left) and maize (right) plants; (c) iDiv

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The review article by Galini V. Papadopoulou and Nicole M. van Dam entitled “Mechanisms and ecological implications of plant-mediated interactions between belowground and aboveground insect herbivores” is now published in Ecological Research. This paper reviews recent literatures on the molecular and chemical mechanisms driving belowground-aboveground plant-insect interactions and the ecological implications for shoot herbivores. The Ecological Society of Japan (https://www.esj.ne.jp/esj/e_index.html) kindly sponsored the authors to allow for Open Access publication http://rdcu.be/m4RO.
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