07.07.2016 | Biodiversity and People

New Book about Peatland Restoration and Ecosystem Services

Blanket Bog of the Flow Country Forsinard (Photo: Eleanor Bentall/rspb-images.com)

Blanket Bog of the Flow Country Forsinard (Photo: Eleanor Bentall/rspb-images.com)

Book Cover of Peatland Restoration and Ecosystem Services

Book Cover

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Cambridge. How can peatland restoration foster climate change mitigation and human well- being? What is the cost of inaction and what liabilities are associated with degraded peatlands? What practical, financial and political tools are available to safeguard the multiple benefits from peatlands and promote climate smart agriculture? The new book by Aletta Bonn and colleagues from Manchester and Yorkshire brings together world-class experts from science, policy and practice to answer some of these questions and to highlight and debate the importance of peatlands from an ecological, social and economic perspective. Peatlands provide globally important ecosystem services through climate and water regulation or biodiversity conservation. However, while covering only 1% of the earth surface, degraded peatlands are responsible for nearly half of carbon emissions from the land use sector. The transdisciplinary approach to this book brought together 80 experts from the natural and social sciences as well as from peatland policy and restoration practice from across 14 countries and 65 organisations. Read more here: http://www.cambridge.org/de/academic/subjects/life-sciences/ecology-and-conservation/peatland-restoration-and-ecosystem-services-science-policy-and-practice?format=HB&isbn=9781107025189
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