26.05.2016 | MIE Group News

Galini Papadopoulou (PhD candidate) was qualified by the pedagogic board of TULIP to attend its Summer school in Integrative Biology and Ecology

Galini Papadopoulou

Galini Papadopoulou

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Galini Papadopoulou was selected to attend the Tulip’s summer school in Integrative Biology and Ecology. This Summer school is an interdisciplinary training program that covers genetic, molecular, physiological and ecological aspects of biological interactions. The program is organized by TULIP LabEx in Toulouse, France in July 2016.

Galini Papadopoulou is interested in the dynamics of interactions between plant roots and shoots, via induced defenses in response to insect herbivory. She studies these interactions in Brassica rapa plants in response to the root herbivore Delia radicum and the shoot herbivores Pieris brassicae (a specialist) and Spodoptera littoralis (a generalist). In order to study these interactions she takes a multidisciplinary approach by integrating metabolomic, volatile and gene expression analyses and measurements of phytohormone levels.

Click here for more information on the TULIP International Summer School
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