20.05.2015 | Media Release, GEO BON

Satellite observations and ecosystem functions

Note for the media: Use of the pictures provided by iDiv is permitted for reports related to this media release only, and under the condition that credit is given to the picture originator.
Satellite observations play an increasingly important role in monitoring changes of terrestrial ecosystems at multiple spatial and temporal scales. The new EU funded project BACI translates satellite data streams into novel “essential biodiversity variables” by integrating ground-based observations. The trans-disciplinary project will offer new insights into the functioning and state of ecosystems and biodiversity.

The continuous transformation of ecosystems, induced by land use change or resulting from climate change may put at risk the maintenance of regional ecosystem functioning and biodiversity. As promoted by GEO-BON (The Group On Earth Observations Biodiversity Observation Network) scientists, land managers, NGOs and policy makers amongst others would benefit tremendously from an easy-to-access system for detecting these changes at an early stage in order to develop mitigation and management strategies. The BACI project involves the participation of the Max Plank Institute for Biogeochemistry (coordinator), the Friedrich Schiller University Jena and researchers from iDiv. Website BACI projectMore information in our German press release ›
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