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Not in all cases where nature and biodiversity conservation is intended, species protection is the outcome. The potential contribution of forest conservation areas to avoid species losses is very…  › more

27.11.2014 | iDiv, Research, Experimental Interaction Ecology
Photo: luise /

Research Study on Pathogen Growth in Honey Bees Infected With an Exotic Parasite Versus the Original Native Relative   › more

26.11.2014 | Media Release
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Researchers have found that the spread of an exotic honey bee parasite – now found worldwide – is linked not only to its superior competitive ability, but also to climate, according to a new study…  › more

26.11.2014 | iDiv, Research

After two exciting years of building up our research centre, the arrival of scientists from all over the world and six appointed professors, iDiv celebrated its first scientific retreat…  › more

06.11.2014 | Research, iDiv

To inform prospective doctoral researchers about the conditions of the scholarship programme of the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU), the graduate school yDiv and the DBU are organizing…  › more

06.11.2014 | yDiv

Representatives of more than 190 countries have come together at the 12th meeting of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Pyeongchang, Republic of Korea, to assess the progress towards the…  › more

17.10.2014 | Research, iDiv, Biodiversity Conservation, Media Release

Of all obligate intracellular bacteria, Wolbachia is probably the most common. In general, Wolbachia are either widespread, opportunistic reproductive parasites of arthropods or essential mutualists…  › more

06.10.2014 | iDiv, Research, Media Release

The 2nd annual yDiv Scientific Symposium to took place on 1 October, 2014 – the day of iDiv's two-year anniversary.   › more

02.10.2014 | yDiv
Arrived in Leipzig: Prof. Jonathan Chase (left) and Prof. Stan Harpole (Photo: Uni Halle / Maike Glöckner)

In a joint appointment process of iDiv, UFZ and the Martin Luther University two key positions of iDiv were filled.  › more

29.09.2014 | Physiological Diversity, Biodiversity Synthesis, Media Release

The Next Generation Sequencing Conference (NGS) took place in Barcelona in June. yDiv Doctoral Researcher Sree Rohit Kolora participated in a poster competition and won with it's hand-drawn poster…  › more

01.07.2014 | yDiv

Synthesis Centre for Biodiversity Sciences sDiv publishes two publications about non-native species  › more

07.05.2014 | Media Release

The first yDiv Admission Symposium took place on March 25, 2014. Five external scientists presented their projects to applied for admission into yDiv as associated doctoral researchers.   › more

26.03.2014 | yDiv
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